Sri Lankan Tamil Food - BANANA LEAF MEAL and Lagoon Crabs in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan Tamil Food - BANANA LEAF MEAL and Lagoon Crabs in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka 5

TRINCOMALEE, SRI LANKA - From Batticaloa, we continued our trip in Sri Lanka up the coast to Trincomalee, a wonderful town known for its beaches, seafood, and lagoons. Some of the best crabs in Sri Lanka come from Trincomalee. Much of the culture and people of Trincomalee are Tamil, and the food and culture reflects that.

King of Crabs - First we went to visit the main crab dealer of Trincomalee where he pulled out some fresh crabs from the lagoon. We ended up buying 3 KG of crab - 5,500 LKR ($30.68) to bring back to the house to cook.

At the house, the family had already prepared a selection of Sri Lankan Tamil food dishes, that were vibrant and ready to be eaten, but they immediately got started cooking the crab. The crab cooking was simple, but heavily relied on their own family blend of masala spice mixture.

All the dishes were served over a banana leaf plate, each with its own color and vibrancy. It was an incredible meal, so much delicious food and such a variety. I loved it. It was a perfect was to spend a day learning about Sri Lankan Tamil food in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka.

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Sapdunga sapdunga .... Nalla iruka ? Aaah happy to hear tamil words in mark videos

Author — seeking tentacles


வருவிருந்து வைகலும் ஓம்புவான் வாழ்க்கை
பருவந்து பாழ்படுதல் இன்று ❤ #Tamilan

Author — Ashwin.B Subramaniam


தமிழன் என்று சொல்லடா...
தலை நிமிர்ந்து நில்லடா...

Author — ayyankalai dhanapandi


A fan from chennai .... Nice to see authentic Tamil Food in Srilanka.

Author — I am not a sheep, I have a brain that THINKS


During these hardest times, you are the best ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mark! Thank you for them!

Author — Ms D.


I love how Mark show respect to all the different cultures around the world kudos to mark he is an amazing human being..

Author — MR. smith


சாப்பிட வாங்க ...😍💕🤣wonderful hearing in Tamil தமிழ்

Author — Packiaselvi Samipillai





Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Sri Lankan cuisine are same to same. Beans poriyal, kuttu, coconut based curry. Love the food. Rice and curry👌🏼

Author — Rajeev V


Dear Thanks for the great video. Still srilanka is the no.1 tourist destination in the world. People are very innocent and friendly, delicious foods, for budget price.
Try to visit srilanka to feel difference.

Author — Tony Vander Poorten


தமிழன் என்பான் விருந்திருக்க உண்ணாதவன்.

தமிழினாத்தின் விருந்தோம்பலுக்கு எதுவுமே ஒப்பில்லை!

Author — Chandra sekar


I really condemn the terrorist attacks in
Sri Lankans people are nice and humble
Love from pakistan

Author — Abdul Rehman


Tamil food taste is always the next level😍😍

Author — Its Me__ Unique


Happy to see Srilankan Tamil food ... Love from Tamil Nadu

Author — Antony Ajith


I love this guy he always smiles and entertain us like its easy 💖💖💖

Author — Gab Natividad


*So much love, Respect and support to the great nation! Our Hearts beats together! Long live SriLanka! Regards from **#PAKISTAN**!* ❤🇵🇰

Author — Waris Ali Raja


The people from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 are so kind and humble. I love ❤️ the people from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 🥰

Author — Olga M Jimenez


"Rassam" Will digenic quickly whatever you ate.

I love rassam

Author — info mafas


Who is watching and reading the comments at the same time? I can't be the only person

Author — Sandra Amoako


It's crazy my mother is from Guyana and out of all Indian foods ours is very very similar to Tamil .. Granted I think my mother lineage is from there ...

Author — Becca Ann