80 Year Old Woman Lands Plane After Pilot Dies - Audio

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80 Year Old Woman Lands Plane After Pilot Dies - Audio 4.5
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Our condolences to H Collins, but an amazing job landing the plane, especially since she has no flying experience! One engine had already run dry and she landed it single engine.

Assistance was provided by Catherine and Robert Vuksanovic. Cherryland Airport manager Keith Kasbohm contacted them for assistance in talking her down.

Audio and Video Courtesy Door County Sheriff's Office

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I hope this situation was used for training in ATC response. Helen kept her cool more than anyone else. She was given confusing and conflicting instructions in the beginning. Below in the comments someone has linked Helens obituary. She passed away in 2015. And they posted an news article about this situation. Sounds like her husband was a great guy too and they used their plane for Angel flights for those with medical needs. He was buried with full military honors having served in the Marine Corp. The husband and wife team; the female on the ground and the pilot guiding her down did a awesome job and really worked to get her down. Kudos to them too. I can't imagine the emotions Helen was battling with her husband of 50 years expired next to her while she is fighting to land that plane. And after she landed I can only imagine the horrible sense of grief descending on her once the adrenalin wore off. What a remarkable woman.

Author — Carolina Girl


Some people like Helen are just naturally strong and don't get rattled. With her husband dead beside her, is tragic enough, and then she has to take over as a pilot. An amazing woman. RIP Helen.

Author — Bruce Gordon


almost crying. that is the kind of woman I want to be. THANK YOU GOD.

Author — johoney54


For the four hundred and seventy two bastards who disliked Helen landing an aircraft without prior knowledge.You should be ashamed

Author — glenn dutton


Just another indication that age doesn't matter, just a state of mind ! Good for her ! God Bless !

Author — eddie dibble


There should be a movie of this amazing lady along with their life story.

Author — Peggy wilson dobbs


Dear God, I would have crashed with all that confusing information. She has my complete respect

Author — L L


Her husband was with her
in spirit. God Bless them.

Author — cosmicVox13


Senior citizens should rule the world, we are wise, calm and confident! And, in this case hero’s...Helen, what a great woman!

Author — Aud M.


She shows no concern or sadness for her husband because she knew she had to keep cool and calm. That is not something most of us could do!

Author — Cindi Morgan


She must've picked up a thing or two from her husband after so many years. It's the norm.
One cool lady.

Author — Victor Lugo-Carrion


She did all of this while her husband was strapped in the pilot seat dead?

Author — John Williamson


You gained massive respect for the strength of "old" women everywhere Helen!

Author — angliase


bless her heart, i dont know I could have done that having just seen my husband die.May she be resting in peace near her husband now, safe in Jesus arms

Author — Cynthia Powers


I couldn't imagine what this Lady was going through.
Rest in Peace Angel.
Your Husband picked quite the Wife♥️♥️

Author — SJ Taylor


Who else wants to see the movie?
RIP Helen & Husband

Author — Digital Dan


That other pilot was flying two planes. Kudos to him too !!

Author — Shanti


The biggest mystery is how that plane took off in the first place considering the weight of that woman's massive balls.

Author — 0prahTV


She breaks our cultural stereotype of an 80 yo woman. She’s sharp and level headed, still with her loving husband and capable beyond imagination.

Author — June Buggy


I can't believe how calm she was the whole time and even joked saying don't you have faith in me?

Author — Jarvey Sorensen