Topaz Impression Mixed Media

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 years ago

Topaz Impression can be a very powerful painting tool in Photoshop. Of course, the single click presets developed by Topaz Labs are great, but there is so much more to it than that!

As many of you know I used to be a painter. One thing painters do is mix different mediums together in one piece, like acrylic paint and water color, or pastels and charcoal. You can do the exact same thing in Topaz Impression and obtain beautiful results!

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Thanks for a great video, well laid out, and easy to follow. Perfect speed of the tutorial.

Author — John Arnold


Still, after all these years, a great, helpful and informative starter video introduction to mixed media. Excellent!

Author — Paul Anderson


Great tutorial. I just got my copy yesterday and am loving it. Thanks.

Author — Opal Preston Shirley


Great tutorial....really easy to follow, thank you so much!  I never thought about using different Impression layers and applying masks, brilliant!  Please keep the tutorials coming!  

Author — Judy Lauwens


Brilliant tutorial really enjoyed how you put it over thank you :)

Author — Deavilin


Love the tutorials! Hope to see many more. Thanks.

Author — Byron Lovering


Amazing you earned yourself a subscriber! I love how far technology has come.. Literally to do something like this by hand could take hours or even days.. Now we are able to make amazing art in a matter of minutes..

Author — Brandon


It has been interesting following the saga of Topaz Impressions in the forum. Many see no need, to expensive etc. but your video showed a viable use for the product when doing a mixed media. Topaz needed a video like this to awaken the artist from within rather than a plain tutorial. Now I am beginning to see more use of Impressions with positive results. Very well done.

Author — Jerry Thomas


I use Paint Shop Pro. Your Topaz videos have helped me so much. You make it easy to use. You explain it so anyone can use Topaz and not be afraid or overwhelmed by what the programs can do. Thank you so much. You're at the top of the list when I have a question about Topaz. Keep up the great work.

Author — Miguel Holguin


Very well explained and very clear voice...well done!! thanks 

Author — Charles Borg


Awesome work! Very creative use of Photoshop and Topaz plug-ins.

Author — Gulfside Studios


Great tutorial. Will be watching more and spreading the word. Great job.

Author — itzawrap


This is AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing.

Author — Carol Warren


really great tutorial!!! thank you so much!

Author — Ora Walker


Excellent!  Just got Impressions.  I had no idea about combining effects.  I'll be sure to check out your other videos!  Thanks again!

Author — Ilene Sokol


Wow, that has made Impressions even more exciting

Author — Michael Cross


Mixing Impressions with the FilterGallery to control Impression very interesting.  I used to love Poster Edges.  The original has a great sky.  You can feel the wind direction.

Author — Martin Breslow


A beauty I must say and the software really shines

Author — Magdi Hanna


Thanks for sharing the wealth of knowledge

Author — seabreezeof


Is Topaz a stand-alone software? Or do we need to have PS or Elements?

Author — Peter Rose