Top 11 Saddest Titanic Stories

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11 of the saddest Titanic stories ever


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There were pets on the Titanic too. Only two of the twelve survived. During the conmotion, a woman that had just boarded a boat to be saved tried to bring her grand Dane with her, but the dog was too big and was not permitted to go with its owner to prioritize the space for a human. She decided to get off the boat and reunited with her pet friend, and they stayed together until the ship sank . Hours later, both bodies were found, the woman hugging her dog.

Author — Gabriela Jacome


What makes these passengers any sadder than the rest of the casualties?
I think the saddest Titanic story is of those brave men in the engine room who knew they had zero chance of survival yet did what they could to keep the lights running for those above them. Those men had wives, children, parents, siblings, sweethearts, grandparents. Those men are the unsung heroes of the Titanic, in my opinion, and the thought of them going on with their work to help others when they knew they were all going to die is the saddest part of the whole tragic tale.

Author — Hippie Dachshunds


My great grandmother was a second class passenger she was pregnant with Grandma at the time of the wreck if she didn't survive I wouldn't be here

Author — Jessie Lynch


The last story pissed me off cus if i was the mother i would of put the lil girl on one of the boats and kept looking for my son.

Author — Venice Cook


Makes me sick to my stomach thinking how many more lives could have been saved. So many children dying in terror unable to comprehend what was happening

Author — Angelena R.


I just don't feel that these are the 11 most sad stories of the sinking of the Titanic. I feel all of the deaths are equally sad, well actually the children that perished is the worst. How many children were there in steerage? I know most of the people in so-called "low class, 3rd class" were lost because they weren't worthy. The entire story is just so damned tragic. Too many lives lost just to keep the ship "pretty" and for more deck space. It's all too sad.

Author — Jules BJeweled


A woman wouldn't take a seat on a lifeboat because they wouldn't let her dog on.Now thats what I call a great owner and shows proof us humans care about our pets.

Author — retrowave


The kids who survived died early. That just sucks

Author — JB2Stars


So very sad, made me cry. What really got me were the parts where the children would cling to their mothers as the ship went down. I can't imagine how scared everyone must of thought throughout the whole ordeal.

Author — Carly Hoffman


How about the lead musician. Hundreds showed up for his funeral and what did his family get? A bill for the suit that was never returned.

Author — JustinEvitable80


These are indeed very sad stories, but there are also many other people on the Titanic who didn't survive, but who's story needs to be told. Those poor brave men down in the engine room for example, who literally gave their lives to keep the power running until the end.
Thomas Andrews, the Titanic's shipbuilder, who helped many passengers into the lifeboats and never even tried to save himself.
Chief wireless operator Jack Phillips, who stayed on the ship until the very end, desperately trying to contact other ships with distress calls, even when captain Smith released him.
The band, who kept playing to keep all the passengers calm, even when the water already reached their feet.
And of course chief officer Henry Wilde, first officer William Murdoch and sixth officer James Moody, who fulfilled their duties as best as they could and tried to save many passengers by putting them in lifeboats.
These men were alle heroes in my opinion. May they all rest in peace...

Author — Claudinsia xx


What about all those in steerage who weren't allowed up on deck till the wealthy had first crack at the lifeboats? That was the saddest of all!

Author — Margaret Guild Lambert


I can't even imagine how scared they (all the passengers) felt during that time.

Author — lovemeright


Dont mind reading but please allow enough time for the person to read each clip some were so short I had to keep stopping the frame to capture the story

Author — April Fillmore


Isn't it weird how some people's death caught up with them, it's kinda like final destination they were meant to die on the titanic but died in tragic ways years later for example being run over, food poisoning and suicide.

Author — Ellie Turner


So easy, too easy to judge the people knowing their lives we're about to end. God only knows what we would do and how we would act if it were us. .

Author — The Irish Girl


What's even worse is the bodies that were never found most likely were stuck inside the ship and got crushed to pieces under the enormous pressure of the water as the ship was going down. It would have been the most horrible thing you can imagine. !!

Author — Rick Vacha


Interesting to see how many survivors went on to die of other bizarre causes: train wreck, stabbing, food poisoning. Interesting too, and it's been pointed out before, that so many Steerage passengers died while relatively many First Classers lived. In fact this video states that only one child from 1st and 2nd Class died.
My father was 2 months old when the Titanic went down. My grandfather was already in America and the family was looking at ship passages to America for my father and my grandmother. By the grace of God they didn't choose the Titanic.

Author — Untiltomorrow9


I think the saddest story of these is of the Rice family. Just the thought of the children clinging to their mother as the ship sank....

I also read about the Allison Family too. Not quite sure what the Nanny was thinking, taking the baby without telling the parents like she did, then leaving the ship with him altogether? I knew the parents wouldn’t leave and were desperately searching for him, but I kinda feel that they should’ve let their little girl go on a boat even if they stayed to keep looking....

Author — Omega1867


It is so sad that no one mentions the fact that poor dogs also died on the titanic and one poor lady was refused to get on the lifeboat because she wanted to save her dog so she died with her poor dog how heartbreaking she is not even mentioned

Author — Carolyngrace Palmer