Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them.

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Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them. 5

Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show — so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.

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There are no fake Bob Ross paintings, just happy little counterfeits.

Author — JeepDan777


“Let’s draw another branch, because everyone needs a friend :D”

-Bob Ross ✨🌲💛

Author — 1-800GOTHKILLS xo


Sometimes God asks Bob Ross: "Wanna take over for today?"

And that's when you get those magical sunsets.

Author — Maarten Droeshout


Don't sell his paintings. Put them in a museum. You could fill a whole museum. Plz plz plz don't sell it. He was a living legend and will be forever. Make a museum with free entry. Bob would want everyone to see his art. He would want to make people happy. Bob Ross, RIP.

Author — CoasterHorizons


All those dislikes were just happy little accidents. ☺️

Author — That Crazy Equestrian


“Go out, talk to trees. There’s nothing wrong talking to trees, it’s when they talk back that you’re in trouble.” Bob Ross.

Author — Irvin Tang


"I didn't want to touch these paintings because they are worth more than I am."

I think she missed the message Bob was trying to tell in his show.

Author — N4K3DN1NJ4


Bob is in heaven now, if you don't believe that, look at every evening and morning sky that shows lavender. Bob's on duty that day.

Author — Ludwig van Dijk


That old woman reminds of the lady telling the story of Titanic in the movie.

Author — drew63215


“Harold the rock”
“Happy little accidents”
“It’s your own little world”
“everybody needs a friend”
“there’s nothing wrong with being friends with a tree”
And his round hair.

Author — Cecilia Falcone


It sucks that bob ross didn’t see how famous he actually got to be

Author — Dady Mongolo


Bob Ross was ASMR before ASMR was a thing. Rest In Peace Bob.

Author — PuppyPawsFilms


Believe it or not he was in the military. Airforce, but still.

Author — General Shenanigans


I accidentally pressed dislike, So I changed it. It's just a little happy accident.

Author — Irsa A.


You can have a Bob Ross painting. You just have to do it yourself.

Author — Mag


*Dude they put bob ross paintings in cardboard box without protection*

Author — aster ___


We need a bob Ross movie like the mr Rogers one
We need someone who is a bob Ross look alike

Author — Long John


Maybe his paintings will only ever be displayed in the Smithsonian. I kind a like that idea. Wonder what he would think of it?...

Author — Paul


Its not that he didnt like people. Its just that this technique is mostly for painting landscapes rather than animals and people. He never painted squirrels and you cant say he didnt like them, right?

Author — Cain Nuke


I wish he was able to see the amount of joy he has brought to the world since he passed.

Author — Alexandria Buzzard