Tropical Storm Epsilon Forms in the Central Atlantic

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Tropical Storm Epsilon Forms in the Central Atlantic 5

Tropical Storm Epsilon continues the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season with its formation today. Epsilon is forecast to become a hurricane on Wednesday, and interests in Bermuda should monitor the system closely as a close approach to the island is currently forecast.

There are no watches or warnings in place in association with Tropical Storm Epsilon at this time. However, the storm may prompt watches or warnings later this week as it nears Bermuda.

There is no CDPS for Epsilon at this time. However, if the storm takes a track west of the current forecast during the next several days a CPDS rating could be initialized as landfall threats would increase for Bermuda under that scenario.

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Author — Force Thirteen


As this being your first update Christian, it is amazing! - Stratacus

Author — Hurricane FORCE


Omg this persons voice is so relaxing it’s amazing

Author — Jeremy Galloway


Good job on your first update you did very good!
Epsilon: 75-85 mph winds
Carribean disturbance: could form
19W: 55-75 mph winds
Stay safe everyone!

Author — MatthewMB6


Well this new voice reminds of a mix between the northern british, and texan accent.

Author — UntitledUsername


Great update Christian! Looking forward to your future updates!

_My predictions (5 days):_
*Epsilon (έψιλον)* - 100mph
*19W* - 60mph

Author — Dr Creepeer


I got wrecked by 3 people saying my prediction was 100 mph
Who’s who Now 😂😏😏

Author — Frandy's Weather Channel


Nice update!
My predictions: Epsilon:75-105 mph
Caribbean Disturbance :may form

Author — Richard Male


You have a really nice voice, hope I can see more updates from you!

Author — Fractally


Hey! I'm very impressed, you did an incredible job!! Keep it up!

Author — William Pompa


Predictions: 90 mph. Stay safe Bermuda and all.

Author — Jun-Jun Villareal


well done with your first update hope to hear more from you in the furture

Author — tornadofreak


80/100 - good job, Christian
-Mr. Green and Purple

Author — Mr. Green and Purple


My predictions:
Epsilon: 95-100 mph
Caribbean: does not form

Author — RedactedFirey -*


Finally this stupid thing became a TS after being 90% chance for over 2 days

Author — Cass Wombwell


two more storms and we tied the year 2005

Author — FGR 00


Why is nothing happening in the Caribbean sea?

Author — Michael Espeland