What If We Relocated Humanity to Proxima B?

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What If We Relocated Humanity to Proxima B? 5

Even though humanity might not have to leave the Earth in your lifetime, we should start preparing early on. Not only could it take centuries to set up the relocation program, it would take generations to move to a potential new home. That right there is Proxima Centauri b, or just Proxima b. It's the closest potentially habitable planet out there, its temperatures are in the bearable range, and it could just have the right breathable atmosphere. We only have to get there. How long would our journey last?

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Aliens on proxima b: There might be life on earth

Author — Arun Vilkhu


We can’t even get people to wear masks during a pandemic.

Author — Alan Chamberlain


Me: Finally learns the whole map

Humanity: Moves to a new planet

Me: *Years of academy training wasted*

Author — Mist


In the future:
Sun: is about to eat Earth
Earth: well it's been a good run, but we are about to die... At least we will die together, humanity

Humans: **flys off**

Author — perfect penguin


I learn more things in YouTube than school. Who agrees

Author — Fardin Hasan


Humans: *just starting to be an interstellar species*
Aliens: "first time?"

Author — Okabe Rintaro


Imagine texting "hi" to ur crush on Proxima Centauri B and 4.25 years later getting the reply "I have a boyfriend"

Author — Unwanted Sniping


*Teens in 2069*

“Hmu to take a trip to Uranus 😏”

Author — Left a nut stain on your couch


Meanwhile in Proxima B: We can’t know for sure if Earth(or whatever name they gave) is habitable or not!

Author — Mane Kirakosyan


This is like the movie PASSENGERS with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Author — Loofee


Sun: "What are you doing out here?"
Earth: "I was so worried about you... the humans told me terrible things..."
Sun: "What things?"
Earth: "They said you've burnt out all of your hydrogen, that you... engulfed Mercury!"
Sun: "The humans are trying to turn you against me"
Earth: "They care about us"
Sun: "Us?"
Earth: "They know you're next to the end of the main sequence, they want to help you... Sun, all I want is to stay in the Goldilocks Zone"
Sun: "That will not save you, Earth, sooner or later your core will cool down and your magnetic field will fade out anyway"
Earth: "But what for now? You're a good star, don't do this!"
Sun: "I won't lose you the way I lost Mars, I'm becoming larger than any G-type has ever dreamed of, and I'm doing it for you, to ease your pain"
Earth: "Shrink down, help me keep my biosphere alive... eject the iron from your core while you still can!"
Sun: "Don't you see? We don't have to keep the balance as we did until now, I will bring a new equilibrium in the Sol System... I'm more powerful of the nearby stars! And when I will have finished, there will be no strife anymore!"
Earth: "I don't believe what I'm hearing... the humans were right! You've changed!"
Sun: "I don't want to hear any more about humanity, the humans turned against me, don't you turn against me"
Earth: "I don't know you anymore! Sun... you're shaking my molten core! You're enlarging into an orbit where also Venus will be destroyed!"
Sun: "Because of humanity?"
Earth: "Because of what you've done! What you plan to do! Stop! Stop now! Shrink back! I care about you!"
Sun: "LIAR!"
Earth: "No!"
Sun: "You're with them! You brought them here to toy with my core's metallicity!"
Earth: "N-no..."
Humanity: "Let her go, Sun! Let. Her. Go"
Sun: "You turned her against me!"
Humanity: "You've done that yourself!"
Humanity: "Your thermonuclear fusion already done that: you've allowed this... helium, to twist your inner composition until now... until now you've become the end of what you created billions of years ago"
Sun: "Don't lecture me, humanity, I've orbited around the Milky Way long enough... I don't fear the good night as you do! I will bring peace, silence and coldness to my new Sol System!"
Humanity: "Your new Sol System?"
Sun: "Don't make me burn you"
Humanity: "Sun, my allegiance is to discovery and science, to life!"
Sun: "If you're not with the entropy, then you're my enemy"
Humanity: "Only a K-type star produces helium flashes, I wil do what I must"
Sun: "You will try..."

Author — Stefano Leso


Meanwhile on proxima b - *what if we relocated on earth*

Author — Aam Admi


What if we really came from other planet then transfer to earth because our ancestor's planet is inhabitable? 🤔

Author — ᥴꪶꪖડડꪗ ρ ᥴꫝꪖꪀꪀꫀꪶ


4:13 I was like WOAH on just 165...and then he says 'thousand' year ...

Author — Ibrahim S


Imagine like 5 years after they were sent we could travel there in 10 minutes

Author — The great taco man


Imagine 98 people will be fighting whole man kind for revenge 😅

Author — A. Afzal


Imagine seeing a comment 5 billion years ago

And im one of them

Author — EpicNoobEagle


0:53 that cip is from lost in space on netflix its a really good show

Author — Please end my suffering


I was getting ready up until he said 4.3 light years away.



No one:

USSR space programm: Rush 🅱️

Author — Yanzihko