Miracle Cure For Dandruff & Hair Fall

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Miracle Cure For Dandruff & Hair Fall 4.5

Miracle Home Remedy to Remove Dandruff and Stop Hair Loss

Need help for hair fall and dandruff?

Dandruff and hair fall are two of the most common hair problems experienced by almost everyone.It's frustrating, annoying and embarrassing.But don't worry!! here is a miracle remedy to banish those pesky white flakes, to help you get rid of itchy scalp, to make your roots stronger and leave your hair smooth and lustrous.

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After washing my hair with luke warm water i have to wait till it dry then will have to apply plz reply

Author — Sabana Mansur


After using this hair pack, If I use shampoo to rinse my hair. what will be the impact?

Author — Seema seema


I've tried everything for my this hair mask saved me.... thank you for posting this amazing hair mask Sneha🤗

Author — Namrata Kumbhar


Fenugreek is good remedy for dandruff treatment.. Avoid baking soda.. Quantum of Lemon juice should b less..

Author — Divya Bharaty


i tried this today after watching ur video yesterday and it worked!..i had mild dandruff but my mom had severe dandruff and it helped her to a great extent..we can definitely see the difference. thankyou sooo much..😘

Author — Annette Menon


Will it work with normal coconut oil or do u specifically need the organic one?

Author — Vijayshree Waghmare


I have a few questions. If I use baking soda on my hair, wouldn't it just dry out my scalp more? Another one is, there are a bunch of people complaining about the mask, so is there a certain criteria of people that the mask wouldn't be effective for?

Author — ins


hey i just want to ask that will this recipe help grow new hair as i have lost half of my hair due to hairfall and dandruff???

Author — amna rafaqat


this mask is wonderfull and works like magic. Its been a month (twice a week) I have been using this with slight variation of adding amla juice in it.

Author — Rucha Tembe


can you list the items used so I can read them. thank you !!

Author — QueenBee260


I love ur tips, any suggestions for long hair.

Author — Meri B


What if I'm allergic to coconut oil, can I use hemp or evening primrose oil instead?

Author — hfaith81


ThankS a Lot..for sharing this tip with us... I'll surely use this to see the results...

Author — Sumaira Malik


sneha S.
how long need to do this
treatment like few weeks month or permanent please reply

Author — prasai kul


This mask is awesome thank you so much for sharing

Author — Babita Dubey


Hi sneha need ur help I applied acv and tea tree oil on my acne scars and my skin burnt immediately was off n applied aloevera gel of patanjali but the redness not going pls suggest sum thng urgently

Author — Swapnil Moolchandani


thanx mam
for ua wonderful vedios. .
ol ur vedios have been a great advantage to me

Author — MEGHNA kashup Rajput


I use vax to my hair.I cant stop using it.so although I use it.will this work for me?

Author — Rishad ALIAS


Thanks a lot sneha, there are a lot of anti dandruff shampoo which I tried since last 10 years but never got rid of dandruff. I tried this paste 1 time and I m dandruff free. You are amazing. Thanks for coming to rescue. Due to dandruff suffered with lot of hairfall now I am so happy.Dandruff used to irritate me a lot.

Author — raj b


I am very very thankful to you for your lovely videos but just one request to you, please do some deep breathing like pranayama ... thank u again

Author — Dheedhify