Becoming a Certified Makeup Artist ♡ My Experience at Makeup School | Q & A

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Today's video is all about my experience at makeup school and my path to becoming a CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST. So many of you have been asking me throughout school what it was like, what I was doing, how I liked it and what I was receiving at the end of my course! I hope I was able to get everyone's questions answered from all of my social media outlets. Thank you all for the overwhelming support, kind words and congratulations. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! If you have any other questions for me, don't hesitate to leave them down below.

Also, don't hesitate to contact me if you ever want any freelance work done! I'll be making a separate makeup Instagram account as well as a professional website with all of my pricing and information. So stay tuned :)


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💬 Comments

Can you please list the makeup schools that are legit and not a scam

Author — cristal reyes


I did all the classes that they had. I started from basic skin care and prepping the skin for makeup to Monster creation like Face Off. we didn't do hair but we did learn how to add beards or mustache to a character or stubble. I live in LA so I had more options. I went to Joe Blasco in North Hollywood. The kit was good, we had mostly Joe Blasco makeup (which is very pigmented) and some makeup forever, Ben nye & RCMA. our teachers were actually makeup artist who are working in Hollywood already in tv shows and movies. They also took us on field trips to different makeup stores and we got training from artists that work for MAC, Makeup Forever and other FX companies. We got to create our own lipstick at mac and they also offered us freelance work on the weekends so we could get our name out there so I actually got my pro discount before I even finished school because I was already working on sets and had call sheets. I like how you explained what the difference is with cosmetology & makeup training. I hate being g called a cosmetologist.

Author — medusa626


Can you please do a tour of your kit, describing everything in it? That would be awesome!! Congratulations on your certification.

Author — Bibliobelle


This is so interesting, I have always wanted to enter a makeup school!

Author — Chloè Yambao


Thank you for clarifying certified vs self thought. I own a makeup school in AZ. Maxima makeup artistry. I would love for you to check out our school and give me your opinion. I teach more then just makeup...I also teach the business aspect and networking. By the way you are beautiful !

Author — Maxima School of Makeup Artistry


i’m 15, a sophomore in high school and already planning on what to do for college. i’ve always been infatuated with makeup, and continue to practice + love it even more each day. i was looking at school’s today, just to have a plan and i didn’t really like the others. i searched up california makeup schools & your video came up, i watched it and when i heard what school you went to, i was immediately interested. so when i graduate, i hope to go to blush & live my dream as a professional makeup artist.

Author — kitzbin


this was so amazing to watch because i got a bachelors and worked in PR then realized i didn’t like it and now i want to go to makeup school and i know i don’t want to do cosmetology school so this was GREAT thank u so much!!

Author — Miche French


Great information! After going to college and working in Social Work for 12+ years, I'm seriously considering going for makeup school. Thank You so much for this video!

Author — Silvia A


My friend just sent me this video and I'm so happy she did because I just enrolled in Blush a few days ago! I was already super excited but after watching you talk about your experience I seriously can't wait to start the 21 week course.

Author — Queen of Suffering


Congrats love I'm so happy for you!! :) you should do a " what was in the school kit "video xoxoxo

Author — Laura B


This is a perfect video!! I've had so many questions about makeup school and you answered all of them!!! ❤️❤️

Author — Aubrey and Mady


Thank you for sharing! I’ve always wanted to do makeup since I was little...I used to love drawing and thought I would be an artist one day. Turns out I turned that into a love for makeup art so I really appreciate this! I am just starting out in tutorials so any support is appreciated! 💋💄

Author — mariaxtia


OMG it's sounds like you got so much from it and so brave for making the change congrats 🎉💘💞

Author — Hayley Driscoll


Hi Deanna,
Great video and thank you for sharing.
My question is and I hope you will get this.
I’m in my 60’s and am considering getting certified to do professional makeup. Do you know if it’s worth it to pursue this avenue at my age?
Would like to know if this is a good investment for me.
Thank you, Deb

Author — Deborah Welch


I am so thankful for this video! I want to go to a makeup school in 2020 after I graduate high school and I am so excited about it! This answered so many of my questions! And your makeup looks bomb (obviously lol)

Author — Elizabeth Hope Makeup


i love this video so much. I'm in the same boat as you. i went to college and just graduated at the beginning of May with a bachelor of science in communication studies and marketing. i built a makeup instagram account for fun but i went through the motions and when i visited my aunt in southern california back in October, she took me to visit some makeup schools and i knew i wanted to do it. im starting in September at Makeup Designory. im not sure what to expect, which is why i searched on YouTube "makeup school" your video was the first one that popped up & im so glad i watched it. Thank you!! im excited for my future (:

Author — Sylvia Beckner


Such a helpful video! Thank you for sharing this ❤

Author — Rebecca Ly


Deanna, I'm considering simultaneously going to esthetician school and taking the 6 month master class @ Makeup For Ever Academy to hone my makeup artistry. I am the same as you because I have a passion for makeup artistry and I considered getting my cosmetology license but it seems it more of hairstyling than anything else and that's not my specialty. I Iive in NYC. I got my associate's degree in a different field and have been working in my chosen field for five years and I'm ready to make the change. I really appreciate you posting the link to the school directory @ MakeUp Artist magazine! Thank you so much.

Author — go away_ i'm reading


I just discovered your channel and I am in love!✨ love your content, quality and you're gorgeous! Will subscribe for sure!❤️

Author — Dianélix Rivers


Cosmetology licensing is vital for so many reasons. I understand that you wanted to breeze through and feel so through with school, but I'm a Licensed Registered Nurse and many medical issues may arise that the California State Board of Cosmetology will prepare you for. My daughter has acute atopic dermatitis with allergies to several compounds that occur naturally and synthetically in cosmetics. I've taken her to Sephora where the sales associate couldn't understand how to find the right products for her face. The associate defaulted to Fenty foundation (in the wrong color) which is an extremely drying product for my daughter. While certification is alright for products in production and editorial, for every day consultation I highly recommend Cosmetology.

Author — M.Elisa & Co. Est. 1979