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Ukraine: its Donbass conflict | VPRO Documentary 4

In Ukraine, in the region of Donbass there is an ongoing conflict. How did this conflict start and how are people in the Donbass area dealing with this conflict that tears apart families and entire villages? Is Ukraine a divided country where war will destroy regions like the Donbass? A documentary about Ukraine, the conflict in the Donbass region and the people that have to live with it.

For over a year, a dirty battle has been going on in 'the Donbass', an area rich with coal and industry in East Ukraine. More than six thousand people have been killed so far. Jelle talks to the Russian rebels at the front. What kind of people are they? He also visits the Donetsk opera, which has a show every day - war or no war.

In this eight-part travel series the Dutch journalist and author Jelle Brandt Corstius travels through Russia and visits the neighbor countries Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. What image do the Russians have of their neighbors and vice versa? What are the relations between the powerful Russia and the other former Soviet republics? And how do the countries around Russia treat their Russian inhabitants? A series about propaganda and identity.

On the Maidan, Kiev´s central square, in spring of 2014 the war started. Thousands of people demanded closer relations with Europe. After weeks of protests, the police intervened. One hundred people died. In Ukraine they are known as the Heavenly Hundred. President Yanukovych fled to Russia and the revolution started. And with the revolution came the war that would split the country in two. Dutch Journalist Corstius talks to people on the street and investigates the status quo and the way the population deals with the changes the country has gone through.

He visits the place in Odessa where on May 2 2014 46 pro-Russian activists died from suffocation in a former trade union building. They were under attack from pro-Ukrainian activists and a fire broke out. Until today it is not clear what caused it. This fire made many Russians leave for Ukraine to join the fight so that the war spread from Crimea to the entire eastern region of Ukraine.

Original title: Het wilde Oosten (7/8)

Director: Alexander Oey and Jelle Brandt Corstius
© VPRO September 2015

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8:37 just a random guy with a confederate flag, haha

Author — moonasha


You can clearly see a difference between Ukraine and rebel held territories in just the monuments they keep up. It's almost like the people on the Ukrainian side have a deadly hatred for the instigators of the holodomor

Author — FrecklyCash1488


Vivan las repúblicas libres del Dombas!!! Fuera el fascismo ucraniano.

Author — Jesús Sox


Russian:"America is weak"
America: BET

Author — Zach Garcia


Seems like both countries blame each other for made up propaganda from both sides. The people need to realize that they have been lied too for decades and then believe the propaganda stories that are false and fake. Blame it on yourselves.

Author — B Cortelyou


Sometimes his questions are so naive or shallow, they should provide more information instead pointing the obvious. People seems impatient with him.

Author — César Abraham Castañeda Valencia


Why are u reuploading old stuff...??? Plzz produce something new

Author — SuperShasha


Yeah the opera was big in Leningrad as well

Author — olaf jensen



Author — A Ukrainian's diary


if Russian descendent don't like Ukraine, I guess that they are free to go to Russia. It's like little Italy in NY wants secession and be annexed by Italy.

Author — L.E. Express


"Die Masken der Revolution" - der Umsturz in der Ukraine.

Author — сергей макаров


@20:00 wow what a Russian lie if I ever heard one lol... "if I'm a terrorist then also any baby born here is a terrorist, how could u be so stupid to call a baby a terrorist" lol... well done stalin

Author — Wildboy789789


5:17 los profasistas quemaron en vivos 46 personas! y los heridos eran matados cruelmente!!! He))) autor! para quien trabajas?!

Author — Mar Go


America has no business sending arms and weapons to Ukraine if Texas or California elected a psychotic governor who claims succession from the union and becomes a traitor to the United States then Russia started sending free weapons to texas or cali because they were succeding then Washington would call it an act of war. My point is if the situation where reverse Washingtons pantys would be in a wad over it. Its high time we stop allowing these criminal politicians to give away our hard earned tax dollars for wars that no one agrees with

Author — Phillip Brewster


I'm glad I'm Irish. We have issues here but we just make it work ffs

Author — Tony Ward


8:32 Confederate flag t-shirt. How interesting.

Author — Drew M


This is a pro-putin documentary.Slava

Author — Shamil Basayev


im ukranian and i can say only one sence cuz this video touches my things ... putin stop it

Author — Lar_ Ķã


Leave the people alone, and go back to your rich country

Author — LeafCutter Ant17


Call people the way they are. There are no pro-russian activists, there are just Russian military

Author — Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz