The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

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The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained 5

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Dude, you got a bus to catch or something?

Author — Invest Remotely


I checked twice for the video speed, it was on normal.

Author — Adarsh ray


The Scots hate the English, The Irish hate the English, The Welsh hate the English...The Northern English hate the Southern English...and all of them live in a place called the United Kingdom...

Author — Jay Saenz


Eminem: *exists*
CGP Grey: let me introduce myself

Author — The Firminator


"However, both The Republic of Ireland and The United Kingdom are members of the European Union, even though England in particular likes to pretend that it is an Island in the Mid-Atlantic instead of 50km off the coast of France, but that's a story for another time"

Talk about foreshadowing

Author — Ian Bruton


*Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to dis*

Author — Xulti


Doesn’t really matter to a Somalian taxi driver does it?

“Postcode? postcode?”

Author — David T


I feel like it should be called The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Assorted Other Small Islands

Author — Redstone Ewok


A shame I was going to use this for teaching but he speaks far too fast.

Author — Richie M


And I thought the US and it's territories were complicated. Wow

Author — MrJacalhoun30


For me:
Continent: Australia
Island: Australia
Country: Australia

Author — sparkyenergia


Playback Speed: 0.75x

You’re welcome.

Author — engrtun


Yeah seriously, you could do with a slower pace.

Author — No one must die


“the four countries generally don’t like each other”... no, it’s just that the three others hate England, not each other.

Author — Turki Alhusaini


Thanks I impressed my class when my classmate asked “what’s the difference between England and GB” and I volunteered to answer it
Edit: thanks for the likes also one of my classmates said “yo chill bruh chill” cuz I sounded like a show off which is ironic because that guy also shows off his achievements

Author — Some Guy


"england is in the european union"

teresa may: hold my beer

Author — Caitlin Smyth


I’d count Birmingham as it’s own continent

Author — Pebble


The USA has 50 states and various territories ....

Author — John Smith


Northern Irish can choose their citizenship between being British or Irish

Author — Tim Tim


Talks about parts that broke away from the Empire
*Shows Gandhi*

Author — Aditya Vats