Magicians of the Gods Lecture by Graham Hancock at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey

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Magicians of the Gods Lecture by Graham Hancock at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey 4.5

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That moment when you realize you are now OBSESSED with lost civilizations.

Author — Alan Lloyd


It's too bad that Hundreds of Billions of dollars a year is spent on technology to destroy ourselves instead of being used to find out about ourselves.

Author — The Outlaw Josey Wales


Graham Hancock will be proven correct. I celebrate all underdogs of science who carry the scientific spirit forward when their mainstream peers fail us by clinging to turf and $$.

Author — Irock Luculent


It's amazing that the builders of the pyramids knew so much about the constellations and their positioning and yet we live in a point in history where we have access to instant information thanks to the internet and yet there are so many people who don't believe in space, think that we live on a flat planet, and reject the idea of human space travel, and we actually believe that we're smarter than the ancient people, lol talk about ignorance.



I see Zahi Hawass has given this video 17 thumbs down...

Author — Philharmonic Wittgenstein


Whose else is watching this because of the Joe Rogan podcast? Haha

Author — Chester G.


How amazing to find your grandfather's initials on the top of the Great - freaking -Pyramid!

Author — Hugh Culliton


How do these channels get off with doing this crap. They rip a Graham audio and then slap it full of ads. This is pathetic.

Author — borninvincible


One of the best public speakers out there.

Author — D Cooke


"We are a species with amnesia." - G.Hancock

Author — michael protzmann


As for the pyramid not being directly aligned, well, part of it is missing, the casing stones, as well as all things alter over time, this fluctuation may be from earthquakes, land masses shifting and more and id only be able to assume, it was aligned perfect at one time or as many might think.. when and who was the last person to confirm this measurement? How old is that, what equipment was used? etc etc... Ive heard the same thing regurgitated so long it makes me wonder when did anyone actually confirm measurements? and ideas ? peeps? thanks

Author — Rob Monty248


Hancock must be one of the few people speaking on this subject(archeology) that actually not sounds like a Hollywood production or a priest tripping on money. Nice to have voices like him out here!!

Author — Gneiss Rombekomfyr


This talk was given prior to 2015 – before the publication of the book. Don't be fooled by the uploader's date of Dec 2017.

Author — theinkbrain


_Time is a Flat Circle: everything that is being done now has been done before, and will be done again and again, forever._

It's just a matter of perspective—which iteration are you observing the rest from?

Author — Tachi Tekmo


So many connections, so much evidence. Yet there is no "ground breaking" news about these new amazing finds. So sad.

Author — Chris McMillen


“Well where are all these special tools then??” “go to the Empire State Building, are there any tools to be found there?” Exactly!

Author — Rasputin Arancini • 138 years ago


Great orator. I could listen to Graham for hours. Impressed by his research. I like the fact that these "rebels" are upsetting the conventional Paradigm. Keep it up.

Author — ironside1642


speculation is easy, we can see all kinds of things if we want. However Graham is fasinating and his work and knowledge are really something, interesting.

Author — OpinionDay007


Hancock, a free-thinking visionary along with Sheldrake, Schoch, and McKenna!



what makes me laugh about Egyptian 'Egyptologists', it was Westerners that decided to dig the pyramids and the sphinx ect out of the sand, and they now wont allow any excavation, or if they do it's very limited, if it wasnt for Western / Europeans the damn things would still be buried and Egypt wouldnt have a tourist industry

Author — aussieaeromodeler