Why the Soviet Weightlifting System is Effective w/Pavel Tsatsouline | Joe Rogan

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Taken from JRE #1399 w/Pavel Tsatsouline:

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Y’know throughout this whole podcast Joe was thinking about buying a Calf and running hills with it

Author — Ben Penrice


This is the most American sounding Russian accent I’ve ever heard

Author — Ridge Jordan


American Bro: Bro, add 5 pounds this time.

Russian Bro: Nah bro, gotta stabilize these gains.

Author — dan parish


So basically lift a starting weight, stay at that weight until you build good endurance for that weight, and then up the weight and repeat. It makes sense to me.

Author — LimitIsIllusion


This guy looks like joe if he levelled up

Author — Lukas Richards


I love his hybrid culture way of speaking. He's got the direct and confident eastern European way of speaking and the chill swag of the west.

Author — iron _and _vinyl


This is the longest I’ve heard joe stay silent. Probably longer than when NDT was on

Author — Ilija Ilic


I'm visualising Russian gyms
With racks of calves
And other farm animals
In progressively increasing sizes.

Author — B. Water


Patrick Stewart is really taking his method acting seriously

Author — Andrew Montgomery


This guy is so intense Joe Rogan went silent for 10 minutes.

Author — John Nycto


Actually, Louis Cyr, the Canadian strongman, did try to carry a calf on his back to maturity in order to grow stronger like Milo.
But it kicked him in the back and so he stopped.

Author — If You're In Marketing- Kill Yourself


Pavel Tsatsouline: Let me tell how/why/about (insert strength-related topic)
* takes a sip for dramatic effect *
* continues talking *

Author — Niamh O'Connor


Bro Joe has been talking about this guy for literally 4 years lol he must be so stoked

Author — JStack


This guy would make a legendary story teller with that voice

Author — The Strength Channel


absolutely priceless...one of the first times i felt guilty this information is FREE. we live in an amazing time

Author — Sonny Stephens


Joe "isnt it fascinating that something can grow faster than you can carry it" Rogan

Author — rondovk


Is it just me or does this guys head look like a kettlebell with those headphones

Author — Robert Dillon


Joe "this guy's forehead is shinier than mine" Rogan

Author — T'Town Tim


Never have I ever heard Joe be silent for so long. Mad respect. Love it.

Author — B Mashburn


WOW! The is a revelation to me and yet so logical. Step loading makes a lot of sense. The Adaptability of the body physically, chemically and mentally over a longer duration with the same weight seems so obvious and yet I had never thought of it before.

Author — DeathMonk TV