As Dementia Takes Hold - Nardo's Story

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As Dementia Takes Hold - Nardo's Story 5

Ned "Nardo" Cabrera of Billings was diagnosed with frontal temporal dementia in August 2016 at the age of 53. The disease will eventually take his ability to walk, communicate and remember.

He's one of 20,000 people living with Alzheimer's or dementia in the state of Montana alone.

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When you find it difficult in the afternoon from 4pm onwards, it is because you 'sundowning'. That's how it's called and it is normal in Dementia. So sorry to see the generation getting younger and younger and descovering they have a form of Dementia and it's about to get worse over the coming years. I ve worked with Dementia patients for over 8 years now and it's so sad, we can't fully comprehend how those people feel. The first thing they lose it is the present and go back in time. Remember when say something that it isn't real to you, it is real to them and that's why it is important that we understand and live in their reality instead to bringing them into ours . Trying to bring them into reality and contradict what they really believe, it is a trigger to theyr behaviour of concern and what that means, is they can get frustrated, upset, crying or even violent both verbal and physical. I do have a passion working in Dementia sector and helping people to live well with Dementia, because it is possible!

Author — Eva


Hello, I would like to ask you to try something. Nardo, you mentioned when late afternoon and evening arrives your condition deteriorates. Choose a meditation tune. Something soothing to you. Flutes, harp, instrumental music, no lyrics. Have your wife and children make audio biographies of the memories with you. Start listening to your recordings before the onset arrvives. This will exercise your mind and help retain precious memories. Steer away from negitive anticipation of your approaching onset time.
Since we are creatures of habbit
Our minds strart to store the times and negitivity of how we think and feel each day. Soon the body follows and every evening time becomes a Panic attack, and drains your energy. Create a variety of memory jarring projects. Becoming a clock watcher is your nemesis. Your in my prayers Nardo, and I hope this helps calm you when needed. Peace to you and your family my

Author — Mark Salcido


My husband was diagnosed st 53 6 years ago. But right from the start he was never aware he had anything wrong with him. I wish he could have talked about it but then again I guess it's better for him never realising he had anything wrong with him.. He is in a nursing home for the last 3 years no longer able to talk at all. I miss him every day.

Author — Noreen Flaherty


Nardo is a lovely man with a fine family. I wish him the best.

Author — Madeleine


I know if it's hard but you do have loved ones. My husband had this. He stopped walking and could barely talk toward the end. Our son helped me take care of him. Then he collapsed and 911 had him taken off our mountains by helicopter to a huge hospital then second hospital then hospice. All within 3 months when he died. We were planning on bringing him home with home care. I miss him every day. He was a cop for 33 years and saved others .. You will be taken care of. God bless you and your family. My son and I stayed at hotels by each hospital to be by his side so he would not be alone. I told him over and over that I loved him. He knew myself and son before he died. Three days before he died he was clear as a bell and was worrying about costs of hospitals. I told him we had high end Medicare covering 80 percent and a second that picks up the other 20 and when it was done he was coming . He is home now in beautiful Tree of Life emerald vase. You will live for years. Enjoy every day. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Author — Linda Uribe


I’m 54 and I noticed that I’m having a hard time communicating and finding words, I get lost for seconds on the street, finding hard left and right.
My doctor diagnosed me con early unset of dementia 5 years ago and, I didn’t believe him. Now, I’m so scared and afraid!!! My kids get on me because I’m always late but, they don’t understand that I get lost! Even with me GPS.

Author — Elvia Munguia


Blessings to you and your family. I am watching my Father die slowly from mixed dementia after beating colon cancer and defeating interstitial lung disease secondary to chemo. Life isn't fair, nor is it easy. Peace to you all.

Author — eormenraed hunferthing


What an amazing man, and his wife also. So inspiring.❤️

Author — Lisa Geipel


No one knows how long a person has to live on this earth. This is the time where you make family and friends important and be around people. Enjoy what you have now and every day you have. Live to the fullest. 1 day at a time..a hour at a time..a minute at a time..a second at a time...just live

Author — Janine Schindler


Two years on since this video, may l ask how Nardo is? Thank you.

Author — Denise Lancaster


I'm 52. I want to die with the same dignity I would give a family pet.
I have instructed my wife what to do if I ever become unable to take care of myself.

Author — Tropic-Al


Your doing the right thing keeping you and your mind active as you can.

Author — Sharon Woodard


My wife is in her 7th yr of Alz. and is regressing steadily but slowly. She is inconinent can, t dress or bathe herself. July wil mark our 65th wedding anniversary so i have so much to be thankful for.It hurts so much to see what this disease does to your loved one, I consider it an honor to be able to care for her and I know in a heartbeat that she would be there for me in spades. My heart goes out to Nardo, s family. My best advvice is, not to despair, pray for help and guidance.You will seee that your love will grow as time passes. May God bless your family.

Author — Nello Papi


Life is short. There r no guarantees for anyone. When we r in our 20s, we socialize with friends alot. When we r in our 30s, and 40s, we usually work nonstop. By the time we r in our golden yrs, we find ourselves alone more. Enjoy the time u have, because time is a thief.

Author — Sally Clay


Ned, we hope you are well, buddy! Keep fighting!! From Pedro, Tim, and Ron and the rest of the crew from Big O Tires, Yorba Linda, California.

Author — Q Vo


My prayers to you both and family 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤

Author — Jennifer Davis


God bless you guys! Thanks for putting FTD out there. I have undiagnosed (as yet) bvFTD apathetic kind and really struggle with Executive Function. Seeing Specialist in June at the University of Oxford. Like you, I shall use this illness as an education, by doing so, hopefully breaking the stigma surrounding dementia. How are you doing today? God bless - Ian from the UK. ⚘ ⚘ ⚘

Author — Ian David Corbert-Walker


Sundowners kicks in at nite. My poor mother and law had a bad stroke and now suffers from that, it’s heartbreaking

Author — Deborah chesser


I wish you all the best, my Heart goes out to you. I lost my Mom-in-law to this and it was heartbreaking but, we Loved her thru it, literally.

Author — Amy Wantland


My heart goes out to you and your family and what a smile! Know that someone in CA is sending positive healing vibes....sounds very California, right (?)....but I truly mean it and send it with love.

Author — Tracy Pfau