Les Cyclopes: Harpsichord Solo

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  • ℹ️ Published 13 years ago

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The sound that the harpsichord produces is so wonderful and unique

Author — Becca Liddle


I feel so grateful that we have Internet.

Otherwise it would be such a shame not to witness the beauty of this old, bizarre, enchanting instrument far away.

Author — Tine Sou


It is great that rare instruments like the harpsichord are being popularized through the internet and "held alive" by passionate artists like Elaine!

I have to admit that I like this particular instrument more in combination with other instruments in classical music, but this solo is interesting to hear! Thanks! :-)

Author — Erebos Phoenix


i always thought this sound was produced by a guitar and im like "HOW CAN THEY PLAY THE GUITAR THAT FAST?!?!"

Author — Tomoya Okazaki13


can't even imagine how long it took her to become the pro she is at this!!! frikin awesome job man...

Author — Mama MiMi


Hey, appart from her being a great artist, can we acknowledge the fact that the video has incredible quality and its from 12 years ago?

Author — Dereck Heitmiller


I really want to get my hands on a harpsichord one day. This and the oboe are two most underappreciated instruments there are as far as I know.

Author — Geometry Dash BayVe


"so this where 8 bit and 16 bit music sounds like on a real instrument." -kids from the future.
Long live the harpsichord.

Author — Trcls


The harpsichord is a wonderful instrument! It sounds amazing

Author — Gazal Salehi


Belle technique, belle interprétation !

Author — Nicolas delatour


That harpsichord itself is a work of art imo.  And you have to love the sounds it produces.

Author — Randall Koch


This is honestly beautiful, I love the charming tone of this instrument, and the player is amazing

Author — Bruh Moment


"It's raining heavily outside, in the dead of night. I lie awake, agonizing over a terrible headache I just cant shake. I get up and walk around this house. Barren and empty. Far too big for one person. Its dark, and the storm knocked out the power. I light a candle and sit at the table with my head in my hands. With every clap of thunder, my migraine spikes like if my brain was shaken and smashed against the side of my skull. What an agonizing night this will be."

Author — Luciano Martinez


I absolutely love this passage, heard at 2:25. You can hear some percussive, wooden sounds of the instrument as Elaine performs her digital (as in ‘finger’) acrobatics; it reminds me of the sounds of castanets in a Spanish dance. It certainly sounds like it! Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

Author — Adriano Seresi


OMG what a perfect skilled woman.. thank you so much for sharing this marvelous piece of perfection

Author — Deckard Cain


I don't think I've ever heard a harpsichord that sounds like this before. I love this sound.

Author — Random user #74652819


There are others who play this more technically perfect, but Elaine Comparone's rendition is so awesomely passionate! 

Author — Abnorc ScreenName


Oh my gosh! Amazing! :D I just wanted to hear what a harpsichord sounded like...and then I found this amazing performance! Such effortless playing *applause*

Author — Galligator


oh my god.. Elaine rocks on so many levels!

Author — sirlordwhitman


Interesting. I like how Elaine introduces the "swing rhythm" in the middle section. This music only lives through interpretation and performance. Who knows how Rameau played it himself ... we can only guess from his own book on theory and performance. Still a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

Author — Will Puckett