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Gaming Historian tells you everything you need to know about the Famicom Disk System. Nintendo considered the Disk System the future of the Famicom, and promised bigger, cheaper games. Did it live up to the hype?

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Nintendo is constantly like, “Well this idea didn’t pan out. Keep it alive for 3 decades.”

Author — Dexter Wallingsford


I've just got Famicom Mini a few days ago, and I love how it emulated tiny details like Disk System loading screens.



I remember these were available in the Philippines. This was a great add-on on my famicom. I had a lot of games and they were cheap. But the drawback was loading took more time compared to the cartridges. I liked the system until today.

Author — J Malonzo


It's amazing how innovative Nintendo can be and yet be so bad at licensing.

Author — Phoenix Wright


man, norm, your use of pokemon TCG music takes me right back to being a kid every time.

Author — Mother's Basement


Really enjoy foreign content like this. It’s helpful to find new titles that we missed out on and can play now that we have better communication tools. Take care

Author — Ben L.


The market in 1987: There was no advantage to a disk rather than a cartridge
Nintendo in 2017: There is no advantage to a disk rather than a cartridge

Author — lol


Wow. Your videos are just absolutely amazing. Well researched and a complete pleasure to watch. Thanks!

Author — Jack Wan


Loved this. Was always wondering about the history of this piece of hardware. Thanks.

Author — LiK


Yeah I find the disk system pretty neat and respectable. What I think is really interesting is the Satellaview. That's something I would have loved to of had the chance to experience somehow. Another good gaming history video, Norm!

Author — notyoursavior78


I grew up in the Famicom and floppy disk era, so this was really entertaining to look back. Thanks for such detailed coverage.

Author — Vinny Sivaraman


Wow, I've never heard of this before. I'm surprised by how major this peripheral was - usually peripherals you've never heard of only sell a few thousand units.

Author — Ni Oxx


5:51 I really hope Nintendo somehow revives that warm, analog noise that the Disk system has here. I love how soft the instruments sound compared to the cartridge.

Author — porterVFX


What an outstanding, informative review. Thank you!

Author — Christopher Roberts


Very informative, as usual; there was a lot I'd never heard about the FDS. Congrats on your new place Norm, and keep up the great work! =)

Author — Moviefan2k4


You've done some excellent research! Some of this info is really hard to track down. Great job!!!

Author — Quartet Macabre


Great stuff! Learned something new I never knew before. Crazy how different the audio was on some games. I this would of been super successful in the US if they could of gotten it over here earlier.

Author — Zaku Guriin


I like the cart version of Legend of Zelda's music sooo much more. I feel that the limitations actually prevented excessive flourishes in the melody

Author — dfailsthemost


Said it before and I'll say it again, thank you for all your efforts in making these videos. They are highly entertaining.

Author — adankseason ADS


A famicom with the disc system is the best looking game system in my opinion. Such a jewel in any collection. If you buy a US NES rf switch and an aftermarket rf modulator you can connect it to more modern TVs with composite connections and makes it easier to connect in a retro game room.

Author — Travis Taylor