Voodoo4 4500 AGP vs GeForce 256 SDR - GPU Duel (ep. 8)

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Voodoo4 4500 AGP and GeForce 256 SDR detailed comparison.

Video Cards tested:
Voodoo4 4500 AGP (3dfx Reference)
GeForce 256 SDR (ELSA Erazor X)

Games used:
Call of Duty
GTA: Vice City
Half-Life 2
Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Test system:
Pentium E5700 @ 3733 MHz (14x266)
ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2
2 GB DDR2 533
Windows XP SP3

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The Vice City part reminds me of how back in the day you'd be playing it how it played on the Voodoo 4 and think it ran just fine. Then you'd upgrade your video card and it would now run how it did on the 256 with higher frame rates and you would be amazed just how good it looked.

Author — Classic80sStuff


I remember upgrading from Voodoo 3 2000 to a GeForce 3. Those days were so awesome. The box art on video cards were sick to look at on the shelves.

Author — R C


I didn't know that the voodoo could actually run nfs most wanted kind of OK, perhaps at 640x480 it might be fairly playable...

Author — hmbrz


Geforce cards where great at that time! I remembered GeForce 256 DDR it wass crayzy fast, and also Geforce2 GTS, . Ti eventually Ultra was perfect gamer's choice.
I had Creative Geforce2 Annihilator GTS 64MB DDR in 2001 and this card was alble to run later demanding games such as Painkiller, NFS: Most Wanted at about 25fps, which was playable

Author — Cutting Edge Retro


All those games are very modern to run on voodoo 4 (and geforce 256 too)and also none are optimized for glide. Anyway very good video.

Author — Esteban Gutierrez


I think Hardware T&L is not the Problem with so much raw cpu power. The Geforce 256 has 4 Renderpipelines and the Voodoo4 has 2 resulting in 333Mtexel and 480Mtexel for the Geforce. The Voodoo5 should clearly win. Sadly the voodoo5 was to late...

Author — BlastFromThePast


This is like comparing a Voodoo Graphics to an S3 Virge using Glide-only games.

Author — armorgeddon


problem is it doesnt support a hardware T&L engine. They put a voodoo 5 5500 up against a geforce 2 ultra and it slightly out performed the geforce 2 ultra when they set it to software T&L like the voodoo 5 only supports

Author — Kyle S


There must be some problem with the CPU usage indicator since it shows 50-52%.

Author — ciprianwiner


How well does the geforce 256 runs on a 640x480 CRT monitor ?

Author — Hugo Garcia


If I was you, I’d put the resolution to 640x480 and I’d overclock.

Author — Andy Knows Tech!


Voodoos ve problems with hardware 2004+. At least, for a fair and square comparison, use hardware and originals drivers from their time (and of course tell us the drivers u r using)

Author — Fernando Palmeira


before we used to play this kind of old games in a very low framerate and we enjoyed it at 640x480 resolution and the one who could playing at 1024 resolution was considered rich and he has one of the best gaming rigs but now if you don't run any game at smooth 50 to 60 fps in 8k your pc equals low to medium end

Author — El Nino


Good old days trying the best to get playable frame rates even with top tier graphics cards. Now a days it goes like "100 fps! Too low"



Hi, i own a TNT2 PRO, consider it was release next day of the GeForce 256, can i play nfs most wanted?

Author — shepard


What drivers are you using for the v4?

Author — Storm


Hey man, can I use your video as a demo in my video?

Author — VenecoMan


The only thing who is not presented This is the programs used for all the automated statistic and record.

Author — Mithra Charon


Do you guys have contact with any 3DFX Spectre cards?

Author — Schalk Jansen


Why Voodoo 4500 cost $500-800 today and Geforce 256 is $10 ?

Author — northwestrepair