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Why Gina Yashere Prefers American Racism | Netflix Is A Joke 5

Gina Yashere says there's something special about this.

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"I treated Alabama the way white people treat Africa."

Man, that is DEAD ON.

Author — studogable


"Then I saw the money."

Literally the thing everyone can relate to at least a few times in their lives.

Author — Hellingame


“I want to go somewhere with a lot of drizzle... and subtle racism.” 🤣

Author — alignwithsource


As an African.... thank you for pointing out we have cars and shoes and shit 😂

Author — Shirley Tatha


I wish she'd given some examples of British ninja racism - I get the feeling they would have been some pretty funny observations.

Author — Axl Dave


She’s so solid as a performer. She’s has a confidence about her that’s not false or irritating and you can tell she’s earned it the hard way.

Author — The Fashion Cold Wars


She's really good at using shifts in volume for humor.

Author — Jimmy Nails


And the black Alabamians replied, “we saw the cost of living.”

Author — Chrisitan Murray


“Wow, they have electricity and teeth.”😂

Author — omar chandler


I love the pause before
“Then I saw the money”

Author — Cam Alex


I’m crying I’m laughing so hard “we are everywhere”

Author — CrazyKT


Here’s the difference between American and British racism. You can easily recognize American racism and call it out, immediately. British racism doesn’t make you question an interaction until you’re lying in bed at 3 a.m. Why? Because usually rudeness is a sign of endearment.

Author — lilah•duh


She’s that auntie that you take to the club to help you get laid 😂

Author — I’m from the future


She had me at "is that Idris Elba?"

Author — Tiffany


The treating visiting Alabama like white people treating visiting Africa comparison was dead on. Could not be more accurate.

Author — Dennis Duran


"This is civilized!" is a very british thing to say... wow

Author — Alberto Martinez


“Ninja racists” is the greatest thing I’ve heard in a while

Author — Avi


The rest of us Americans also view Alabama this way😂😂😂

Author — peaceful living


I've lived in Alabama my whole life and due to its history with racism her revelation is one I've heard 1000 times. Birmingham is actually the most progressive city in Alabama now and I'm glad she decided to come and had a good time. I also appreciate her humor in how she related going there versus white people going to Africa.

Author — S.Mills


I love her, she's got no sacred cows, everybody gets hit.

Author — Wonko The Sane