Workers strike in Paris over changes to France’s retirement plan l ABC News

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Workers strike in Paris over changes to France’s retirement plan l ABC News 4

Massive strikes across France have shut down schools, train lines and flights as protesters take to the streets over the pension system that would raise the age for full retirement benefits to 64.

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Amazing that so many liberal countries are having riots but Trump is still considered the bad president. Hmmm...

Author — sacred squirrel


Macron overheard saying "Let them eat cake"

Author — Dave Prue


She did such a great interview with Jussie Smollett. The French actor.

Author — I wish I was wrong


We need more fire and explosions ABC, how about you steal a Rambo movie and say it's France, lol.

Author — Bear Martin


ABC news executives buried the Epstein story

Author — SMS enterprise inc.


Some people are born and never work a day, they do not care for retirement $, they rich, but still want more, and that more they get from the rest of us, so we have less, simple, they do not work a day, we work until we are done.

Author — Krystian Sieminski


I'd like to hear the opera singers protest.

Author — better.øff'd


It wouldn’t be a normal day in France if people weren’t protesting something

Author — Noah Weaver


Hey ABC when is Jussie Smollett coming on again?

Author — ♿NPC-TardLivesMatter✊


Why did you guys spike the Epstein Story all those years ago?

Author — gomojo107


Well, how do these progressives think they're going to pay for all the free stuff?

Author — TeacherTeacher


The Trump curse strikes again. When will this people learn? Smh. Next up is Canada, then the UK.

Author — The Law


When do they truck in the tomatoes? It is France after all.

Author — George Hugh


Meanwhile in London macaroni mam laughs at The President of These United States of America

Author — Chris Sharpe


Jussie Smollett is not the gay Tupac, and Epstein didn't kill himself. Where is my journalism award?

Author — Ben Atwood


I bet the Opera singers striking sound fantastic, huh?? Hehe!!😂😂😂😂

Author — Marlon Sanchez


The yellow vest thing hasnt exactly died off so this is somewhat of a continuation

Author — Kenneth Massey


General Strike in France over Austerity.
Title Suggestion to ABC.

Author — dh


Isn't that the same country that demands the United States pay for most of the Paris climate Accord?

Author — matthew campbell


The globalist plan to steal every person on earth’s pension. Most have gone up into thin air overnight and those that haven’t are in Que.

Author — TrickyVickey