Why Vespasian Was Rome's Most Liked Emperor (Roman Empire Documentary) | Timeline

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Why Vespasian Was Rome's Most Liked Emperor (Roman Empire Documentary) | Timeline 4.5

Looks at the life of the Roman emperor Vespasian, from childhood to his death in 79 AD. Provides insight into the sophisticated workings of the Roman Empire.

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You could re-establish the Roman god damn Empire with the Ad Revenue from this video alone.

Author — Dirigo


from mule breeder to emperor what a magnificent tale

Author — 111mmgg


What have the Romans ever done for the Britons, besides the roads, towns, clean water, sanitation, commerce, housing, baths, theaters, entertainment, and peace? Nothing!

Author — James Edward S.


1 - Skip to the end of the video
2 - restart the video
3 - enjoy with NO ADS!! :)

Author — bloodcart barber


Vespasian was not corrupt. He chose not to enrich himself by public office, unlike many of his contemporaries and, dare I say say, many of today's politicians and military brass. No wonder they dedicated a theatre to his memory!

Author — elaustraliano


I love, LOVE, the softly spoken academic. What a storyteller! What a teacher!
He's that teacher from your past that held you captivated at the time and you've learnt to cherish since.

Author — Nounismisation


'The eccentric' emperor, Caligula. Lol, I think that is the kindest description of Little Boots I have ever heard. :-)

Author — james beaumont


The old man who is telling the story is a perfect storyteller... he can make a great voiceover ! :)



Rome is still the best example of how superpowers rise and fall. Technology change. Borders change. But the core stays the same.Power, corruption, Rich and poor, military, etc, etc

Author — Spiritual Anarchist


one of the best doc's on a roman emperor. wish they would do a documentary on all of the emperors like this. this rocked!

Author — john qubet


I'm sure you could fit on more ads if you tried

Author — Downsyndrome Hitler


"Why Vespasian Was Rome's Most Liked Emperor" - I don't think they answer this question it's just his story before he became emperor. They should have focused on his reign too.

Author — Khasidon


That man telling the story is a nice touch.

Author — Stephen


This show should be titled “How Vespasian Became Emperor.”

Author — Brent Beacham


Vespasian: a man of true Roman stock, strength & austerity. Every European today ought to be like him.

Author — Edgardus


I love how the Roman Legionnaires in the field are grimy and have a 'worn out' look to them. This documentary has very solid production value.

Author — Ronnie Gonzalez


This Timeline series is one of the best things to be put on YouTube.

Author — matthewakian2


If I was a billionaire I would fund an 'HBO Rome' type series about Vespasian.

Author — aeterna789


The soldiers are the re-enactment group called the ermine street guard. They are brilliant.

Author — Battlefield Dogs Airsoft


It's strange, in today's world, when the poor man becomes "leader", they often become tyrant and dictator. Good leaders are born into it and primed for the position. In ancient Rome, Vespasian came from nothing and ruled with class and mostly kindness, while the people born into high positions became the tyrant and dictator.

Author — Dizzy