Bill O'Reilly's '98 Novel Is Rich With Foreshadowing

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Bill O'Reilly's '98 Novel Is Rich With Foreshadowing 4.5

You don't have to Google 'Bill O'Reilly' to read about a television journalist who gets fired from his comfy network gig. It's all in his 1998 novel 'Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Television and Murder.'

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When Stephen Colbert's dance moves are better than yours

Author — Anthony Jackson


$25 million for getting fired? The world is insane.

Author — andromidius


Maybe O'Reilly will replace Steve Banon as Trump's strategic adviser and female White House staff handler.

Author — PN Houle


"I guess someone has to touch it..." - that was perfect!

Author — Catherine Sharp


*Welcome to the Late Show. I'm your host, Steve and cold bear.*

Author — Gurpreet Singh Matharoo


You can tell by the head control while spinning that he actually knows how to dance. Sweet moves, Mr Colbert.

Author — Gillian Koh


I freaking love it when Colbert gets his groove on

Author — tsukiji_wasabi


I really want a "Stephen Colbert's 'just kidding' moments" compilation video...

Author — Baraa Abdullattif


...and just like that, Stephen Colbert​ created about 25 new GIFs...

Author — Doctor English


The band's getting noticeably better at their timing.

Author — Alex Ernst


Stephen's dance moves will never fail to make me smile

Author — Madeline O


Seriously, though, O'Reilly is an awful writer. His prose is so pedestrian.

Author — DD M14


Stephen snuck into my heart and I'm loving every minute 😍😂

Author — A A


Colbert needs to do more physical comedy. Brilliant!

Author — justalurkr


Strap in for the next two-part Tarantino movie, "Bill's Kills".

Author — Simone Roberto


I watched Stephen dance at least six times

Author — Byron McLean


Could we stop for a sec and appreciate his dance moves 😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Amel Ali


Those two last pictures are the definition of trashy. Smh our president has zero class.

Author — Alexandra Norton


Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly

Author — Mike Harris


Colbert has been straight up SAVAGE recently. Love it!!

Author — nickrct