HOG BALL 12ga round - 2 .60 cal balls - Excellent performance

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

This is a re-uploaded video. I added better narration and tweaked the high speed video to look nicer.
In this video we test out the Hogball 3" magnum. It contains 2 lead balls that are normally loaded singularly in a shell. Designed for wild boar hunting, we wanted to see how they performed at various ranges.

This video was filmed safely at a gun range. It is a test video and does not promote the sale of any product.

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This is a re-uploaded video from around 6 months ago. I did edit it, and added some narration where there wasn't any. Thanks!



Those are amazingly accurate rounds... of course, with Danny at the launch controls, we'd expect nothing less! 😊

Author — GreatNorthernTroll


Hog Balls: When you need marksman grouping and musketball damage.

Author — James Irwin-McConnell


2 balls in the same hole? When I was in the Marines we called that "The Thailand Squeeze"!

Author — Hallofo


Definitely one of the most impressive rounds you tested so far.

Author — Phill Huddleston


Awesome rounds! they are great compared to some of the other ones. Thank you, I really enjoy your channel

Author — David Lawson


That’s some powerful rounds! A revisit of these would be cool!

Author — Game Changer


I’d gladly buy a dozen boxes of these rounds. Incredible accuracy

Author — John Kelly


Wow!!! I love your method of can openning. No struggle with a can opener there (just use a large sheet of plastic) - and amazingly - it looks clean too. Looks like it's ready to become a modern art piece! Just a light coat of varnish...! Awesome aiming guys - gun and camera!!!
P.s fully agree on batteries!

Author — smallathe


Amazing round! I would have loved to have seen it shot into the ballistic gummies at 17yds; with the entrance/shock channel from from the first ball, and then the 2nd ball following so closely behind... I'm very interested to see what kind of damage ball number two would be doing. In my mind I can imagine it staying on course and driving thru the tunnel from number one?

Author — scoremat


Impressive! With this one I was actually hoping you'd find a few more things to put in front of it.

Author — kimchiman1000


That's the round to have! Amazing round, never seen anything like that!!

Author — Forrest Webb


Back in the 80's hunting pardner used 2 50 caliber patched round balls with good success out of a flintlock here in PA. Most shot were under 60 yds but accuracy wad good out to 100 with most balls hitting 4-5 in of each other. Those loads were devastating on deer.

Author — Go ahead make our day Scooter & Peanut


Great video. I still would have like to have seen a test of 50 yards with the full rifled barrel just for a refferance. Gotta wonder if these were made of heavy shot metals how they would fare. Just curious.

Author — David Underwood


Man these are good!!! Preformed like a dream 👍 Thanks guys.

Author — TheReindeer TheRabbitTheBat


Very impressive, looks like the recoil is substantial though.

Author — G56AG


That's some great shooting and what an awesome round. Thanks

Author — ta65mail


2':23 you can just see the snout of the mass accelerator, as Danny mans the front observation position. Great to see pro innovators at work. Great science chaps, keep it up!!!!

Author — andy scott


Now there's a man who earnt the title "dead-eye"
Great round too, looks like it would stop a lot of things in their tracks

Author — B H


I made up duplex [2 ball ]loads in 45/70, 3" separation at 50yds, good load. Impressed with this one, same principal.

Author — Poppys Bench