DIY Face Mask | NO SEW | Upcycled Tshirt | 5 Minutes

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DIY Face Mask | NO SEW | Upcycled Tshirt | 5 Minutes 5

Do you need a face mask, but you don't sew? No worries, I've got you totally covered. This diy face mask tutorial allows you to make a face mask out of an upcycled tshirt and it will only take you 5 minutes!

This mask is simple to make, quick and most Importantly.....COMFORTABLE!!!!
You can add a layer of flannel fabric inside to improve filter capability!
Masks can be used for various situations: Outdoor pollen allergies, indoors, grocery stores, parks, nail salons, and AS A REMINDER TO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE!!!!!

If you want to add a little stitching to keep the mask in place, but don't have a sewing machine: check out this new HAND SEWING VIDEO TUTORIAL and BLOGPOST

These masks are NOT MEDICAL MASKS, are NOT N95, and are NOT FDA approved.
There are no claims stating this will prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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💬 Comments on the video

Did anyone ever think they'd be watching how to make masks for the year 2020? Crazy how a virus can change life and scociety. God Bless everyone.

Author — Micheal Tzitz


Before you know it, I'll be going to the grocery store wearing nothing but a mask because I've cut up all my clothes. Thanks Jan 🙃

Author — Hi There


Pro tip: put a single paper towel inside between the two layers. It drastically increases the efficiency, wicks moisture, and can be thrown away after each use before washing the mask.

Author — Dat Meme


I’m honestly shocked that I was able to make a mask without owning any sewing tools! Thank you!

Author — Allison S.


You saved me!! I was 30 min from home, had to run in the store and forgot my mask. I literally removed the tshirt from under my sweatshirt, grabbed the scissors in my console and did a rather sloppy version of this.. but it worked!! Thank you!

Author — Sarah B


I'm a 77 year old male and live alone and can not sew at all. The number of virus cases increase daily in the county I live in. This mask is the easiest and most comfortable mask to make and wear. Jan you have an excellent presentation and I want to thank you for showing everyone how to make such a nice mask.

Author — Richard Triplett


Thanks, we needed this..and I don't understand where the dislikes come in at? Some people still ain't got nothing better to do.. 💯

Author — Angie Newsom


I just cut the sleeve from a T-shirt and put it over my head til it just covered my mouth and nose.. 5 seconds, awesome.

Author — davey dudely


I was a theatre nurse for many many years, I’ve worn thousands of disposable masks in my career, but this is the most done, thanks so much 👏👏

Author — Lynne Chinnock


1:17. That’s the smallest and sharpest pizza cutter I’ve ever seen.

Author — Ebros


No needles, no pins, no sewing machine, Jan you are the WOMAN.

Author — aperxmim


Thank you Jan, the most comfortable mask I've worn and not hot - made 10, these will be my fav's!

Author — Adele Oram


Why are some people voting this video down? "Hey, you showed us how to make a comfortable face mask cheaply and quickly at a time when it's important to have such a thing! Boo!" Huh? lol

Author — Truth & Justice


This is the best fitting mask I have EVER worn in my 27 years of having to wear them for work! I hate the straps around my ears and I just could never get them to fit properly.
I have a tiny head and face so the sinching of the material on the side ensures that I don't get the gapping either.... Seriously love this mask.... I'm sure you could find a way to sew this as well but for now it's a great idea. You should patten it right now!

Author — Melissa Crabb Lopez


Never imagined that long before CV-19 was known, whenever I saw Chinese people wearing masks on the streets...a day would come when I also would have to wear one!

Author — Lourdes Rebelo DeSerpa


How weird is it that we’re all watching these kind of videos?

Author — Cheyne Turbyfill


I am putting a twistie from my garbage bags that I never use on the top part to get it to hold over the nose

Author — Angelica Fresquet


I was skeptical but, needed an easy method and also a comfortable fit. This was the very best mask I've made.
I bought 3 types and made one hand sewn all were sweaty, uncomfortable on nose and ears or rubbed too close to my eyes.
So $80 later and lots of frustration. I made this for $1 with a xxl adult tee from Dollar Tree. Ty for sharing this and presenting it so clearly. This is so well fitting and so soft and comfortable and easy. Can adjust as needed I add 2 thin disposable layers of Toolbox disposable shop towels making this higher protection then a N95 mask.
How clever you are! Blessings!

Author — Bar Rez


This is so simple and easy, I sent on to my granddaughters. One of which has two small greatgrands that need some protection. I’m 78 and still in front of my sewing machine, but not for this beauty you’ve shared with us!! Thank you.

Author — Dottie Oishi


I’ve just made this. It fits so well. I did sew it, just so it doesn’t fall apart when it’s not in use, but if you can’t sew, you could use some double sided tape to stick the material down. 👍🏻

Author — Griss