Welcome to Silicon Valley

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Welcome to Silicon Valley 5


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Great video - watched start to finish. Thanks for posting!

Author — Clark Kegley


They forgot to mention a 1 bedroom apartment is $3500/month. Little "minor" detail :)

Author — Dustin Korpi


They forgot to mention "homeless people at every corner"

Author — greentealatte


Welcome to San Fransisco, not Silicon Valley..

Author — knight24474


Good but you didn’t mention “Pied Piper”

Author — Gamer BoY


San Francisco is NOT silicon valley. It is part of it. San Jose IS the capital of Silicon Valley.

Author — Marco


"Most open minded place in the US" yeah, until someone disagrees with them.

Author — Chipper


wow "Silicon Valley is a state of mind"

Author — Mohammed Sadat Abdulai


What's with the music?? It's like a 27 minute intro.

Author — Sentenced


"Silicon Valley is not a physical place. It is actually a state of the mind." I'll never freaking forget that.❤️❤️❤️

Author — Bill C. Muguai


"Welcome to Silicon Valley" starts with a bunch of images of San Francisco, which is not in Silicon Valley.

Author — aluisious


Just want to say, a YouTube channel about things happening in Silicon Valley is already a way better idea than probably 90% of the startup ideas in the valley

Author — Marshall Lake


I love the idea of Silicon Valley, and it's impact is invaluable. But at some point, a niche area, a niche idea, a niche attitude becomes hip, and once it becomes hip, it loses the very element that makes it great. In other words, the guy in the video who points out that he is eating a TV dinner at 7pm while at work is self aware, and that fact that he is intellectually investing in fulfilling the silicon valley stereotype reveals that his passion is a bit of a facade. Maybe not, but it seems like his goal is to appear like Steve, but not be Steve....

Author — Casey Peters


This video talks about San Francisco as if it were the center of Silicon Valley. In reality, most Silicon Valley companies are in Santa Clara County 50 miles south. It would be more appropriate talking about Palo Alto in the north all the way down to San Jose.

Author — VeriPic


"Silicon Valley is a State of Mind" - Powerful motivating words there

Author — Jeff Pittman


Can you visit Silicon Valley without an appointment?

Author — Armand Boiangiu


Silicon Valley means DREAM Valley for IT

Author — Raju KC


It is not a place at all, it is a state of mind.

Author — Aziz Qulaysh


Silicon Valley is my dream.i do not know whether it will ever come true or not but i will try my best :) :)

Author — Rokon’s Vlog


I love the romance of the Silicon Valley.

But also I have to say this is one of the most misleading videos ever. =)

Silicon Valley is essentially a exurb hellscape... Very few people are super successful and rich, most people pay mortgage to live in a dark hole they call house which is worth 1.5 million dollars.

Author — kevinmsft