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MAHABA PERO WORTH IT. I guarantee that if you are a furparent you will appreciate this content. This video is all about parvo virus and the story of one of my patient named Bailey.

Watch and learn! Know how bailey fought the disease and succesfuly recover from it.

I hope this video inspires you and for all survivor out there, Saludo ako sainyo! Let us all learn and prevent this serious disease.

Thank you for watching please subscribe and share this video! God bless is all! 🐾😇


DISCLAIMER: All views, practices and opinion shared in this video does not represent other practitioners protocol and the whole Veterinary Community. This is only for the purpose of sharing basic infos, for instance of emergency cases, proceed to the nearest Vet clinic for proper diagnosis, treatment and course of action.

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Sana mawala na ang parvo virus at sana lahat ng infected ng parvo gumaling na in jesus name. 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Alezander Ramos


Super worth it, I hope my dog will survive on Parvo he was diagnosed and confined last Saturday. Please pray for my dog. Thank you so much for the information!

Author — Carlito Martin


I remember my two puppies died of Parvo it’s so heartbreaking.

Author — Sarahlyn Lopez


Im getting hope from this vid.. im hoping that my little snow will recover soon like bailey. She was admitted today with parvo. And our house feels empty without our little baby girl.

Author — Genalyn Loto


I just lost 2 puppies to parvo 2 days ago. 😭
Another 2 has symptoms and they're on IV fluids now. 😢😢

Author — Sarah Jayne España


awww so happy for Bailey. I just dropped off my 8 week old pup this morning to get checked for Parvo. he hasn't ate for about a day and a half :( waiting for a call from the vet. hope everything turns out okay.

Author — mayra isabel


Doc thankyou for sharing this. I was teary eyed. Its the 6th day of my furbaby Polka, and yes we did it. He survived Parvo. He is an outpatient, I chose to take him home and very handson to him. Namatay ung brother nya a week a go prior sya magkasakit due to Parvo din. Hindi ko naagapan ung kapatid nya :( so the moment nagpakita ng symptoms si Polka I rushed him to the nearest vet clinic and I gave all the tlc, attention to him and experienced sleepless nights. Wala kasi syang cage kaya sa floor din ako ng sleep katabi siya, minsan no sleep at all just to check on him. Thankyou doc. Im a proud momma here, we made it 💟💟💟💟

Author — Chellie Octobre


Saan po location ng clinic nyo I want to sent my puppy as well.

Author — janice inocencio


Still hopeful… please pray for our baby Ghost. He’s confined just this morning d/t parvo virus. 🙏🏻 thank you for this video.

Author — Liechee 라이 Sta. Ana


Thank you very much for sharing this doc. This serves as my hope for my baby girl! I hope and pray na gagaling siya.

Author — Mae Ellein Montejo


Sana maka survive din po ang aking smilow 😭😭

Author — Christine Smiles


I remember my cat :( sana lahat magaling mag revive 🥺

Author — Maria Fe Samares


thank you doc for your tyga na mpagaling ang mga patients mo, im a furparent of 20 dogs and 15 cats, i know the pain of dealing w /parv

Author — Perly Cortez


thank you for sharing this info to all fur parents

Author — Mary ann Llavanes


We and Skye (pup) are currently fighting in parvo 😔 she's two months old and admitted to the vet clinic.. She can do it right po diba? 💔 As of now po hindi bloody diarrhea po siya.. Thank you for this info po

Author — Danielle Mari San Miguel


Thank you Doc Gelo for this wonderful video. My baby Samgyup was diagnosed with Parvo we decided na ipa confine siya because I know na mas maalagaan at matutukan siya ng Doc. Her name is Samgyup, Shih Tzu, 3 mos old. Hope lumaban niya and katawan niya. Thank you doc for sharing Bailey's story gumaang ang pakiramdam ko. God bless po.

Author — Monique Reyes


Good day Sir, pwede ko po ba painumin ang puppy ko ng milk pag my parvo?? thanks po

Author — Mariz Fojas


doc pwede po ba ang Yakult sa puppy from 3 months above thanks

Author — Don Wayne Diangco


Salamat po, Doc very very good job, be Blessed, pinapanuod ko pa yung ibang uploads mo, 2020 subs here, taposin ko po yung ibang mga naka up loads na mga vids mo, Good Vibes, Peace!

Author — Jah Cris


I hope my baby hana can survive too.. 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Author — Sally May Cordova