Jim Acosta asks Trump to call on a 'female reporter'

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Jim Acosta asks Trump to call on a 'female reporter' 4.5

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta gets into a tense exchange with President Trump over the allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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Acosta: Can you call on a female reporter?

Trump: Ok...Acosta go ahead.

Author — jwang604


“Why do you side with the accused rather than the accuser.” Man, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Author — Mr Fluffles


Acosta: "Why do you usually side with the accused rather than the accusers?"

I don't Maybe because people are innocent until proven guilty. Just a thought.

Author — Datsko


Wow these “reporters” are such LOWLIFE RATS

Author — Ashur Daniel


This isn't the DOJ, stop trying to get Trump in a gotcha moment, he's smarter than you, so stop trying.

Author — Metalbear 81


I don't get why Trump gets so much hate, the dude is straightforward and reasonable.

Author — bassa God


I'm Hispanic, a female, I love and support our president. I will vote for him in 2020.

Author — Jeanette Petersen


I think Trump is amused at costa thats why he calls on the idiot.

Author — Celluler Sweller


Its sad he has to answer these idiotic questions, when they are going to write lies about the man anyways.

Author — Keith Lubin


I love how he speaks his mind. He's a real man talking to vulchers.

Author — Blue 1


Trump loves exposing Jim. He is a Joke.

Author — Nick Stanfa


How they changed their minds when Joe Biden got accused

Author — Revenged Ant


Maybe Acosta should give up his turn to a female colleague.

Author — Matt M


Speaking of Jim’s question, where is he now that Biden is being accused? lol

Author — Loading Less


Trump is not Obama, he doesn't want to be your friend, he wants to lead our great country!

Author — 13Bravo


This is like the beta male who puts respecting women as his first priority just get to get girls.

Author — Armando Garcia


Press: "Are these women liars?"
Trump: "IDK, I've been President lately"

Author — Aegonx


"I can tell you her lawyer is a low-life, okay." Dying laughing.

Author — The 'Pubkin


Can’t stand that guy Jim Acosta! Can’t wait to see his face when trump wins in November!

Author — John Salmon


How come everytime I see this guy Acosta he’s going after the president ? I’m maybe starting to think he’s a biased reporter with an agenda 😂

Author — Gary Beagan