Watch 10 Crazy 3 Wheeled Vehicles You Have To See

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Watch 10 Crazy 3 Wheeled Vehicles You Have To See
1. Elio Motors
2. Toyota i Road
3. The Morgan EV3
4. Vanderhall Laguna
5. Nissan Scoot Quad
6. Cabriovelo
7. Polaris Slingshot
8. Arcimoto SRK
9. Can-am Spyder
10. Segway SE-3 Patroller
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Jay Leno, “ I like 3-wheeled vehicles, the only problem is, you’re going to hit every pot hole. “

Author — shepherdsknoll8


Liked the video but needs different music don't U think 😁

Author — Will Abbott


The police is fukkin lazy as hell, took the segway by elevator when the elevator can be used for more people who needs it.

Failed promotional material it was.

Author — Doel swipe


scoot is a 4 wheeled vehicle i thought it was only 3

Author — Bug Dong


I think Mr. Bean is gonna be delighted, more 3 Wheeler to run off the road.
;) ;)

Author — basba Qal


driving grave. In the case of an accident

Author — Iron Typhoon


They're all really cool and I'd love to own one but just like a Smart car I'd be afraid of getting in a fender bender while in one. It just seems like I'm the path of least resistance and would get crushed like a soda can.

Author — I Am Happy So Why Aren't you?.


Where is the video in the thumbnail?freaking idiots

Author — madmax 71


Cam-am Spider?! Muhahahahahahaha! ROFL!!!! That so embarrassing!

Author — Dave Dastutnichtszursache


4:01 Nissan scoot quad is not a 3 wheeler. Title should be: Watch 9 Crazy 3 Wheeled Vehicles You Have To See

Author — benny dewit


Can you sell num ber 5, 4, 3,2, 1 to laos country i want to buy a lot

Author — mee shone


Very bad video I seen four wheelers LOL

Author — Trey 5 7 mac


Nissan Scoot Quad similiar Renault Twezy.

Author — Kenan Soydaş


Segway SE 3 : si c est ce qu il leurs faut aux policiers pour être plus cool plus citoyen, qu es ce que Macron attend pour les équiper 😂😂😂

Author — John Fabroni


For the "Morgan EV3", I kept expecting the the music from the old BBC show "The Prisoner".
It kind of looks like modern day version of what that guy drove around in

Author — Chris Geoffrey


Place a large battery pack in the cargo compartment and two hub motors in the back two tires in the Cabrioveio would make for a very stylish electric vehicle.

Author — Charles Hocker


I guess someone can't count... Scoot has 4 wheels.

Author — Geoffrey Schulz


Does anybody remember the Messerschmitt auto? I lived in Germany in the 50s and early 60s and I remember this wild looking thing that looked like an airplane with chopped off wings.

Author — ziblot123


Todo bien, sólo la música muy tediosa!



The Nissan Scoot Quad is not a 3 wheeled vehicle!

Author — Gan Manuel Alfonso Jesus Rebueno