This Huge Charter School Can't Prove Its Students Are Doing Anything (HBO)

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This Huge Charter School Can't Prove Its Students Are Doing Anything (HBO) 4.5
Ohio’s largest online school, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) said this week that it may have to shutter its virtual door after State auditor Dave Yost advised the Ohio Department of Education to hold back a portion of funding for the upcoming academic year due to discrepancies on enrollment numbers.

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Everything ECOT does happens online. Its students get a computer, a Wi-Fi connection, and access to classes they can take on their own time, and its teachers hold optional “live” class sessions.

Author — VICE News


Maybe they cant prove they do anything, but I can prove we did absolutely nothing in public school.

Author — devwreck127


I did my final year of high school online because things got messed up in my life when I was 17.
This was a nice easy way for me to finish my diploma, but I'll fully admit it was a joke. I was able to complete several credits within a relatively small amount of time because I would get to skip entire units by passing pretests, which I did by looking up the answers online during the untimed tests.

Author — Mike G


I knew a friend who did the online charter school, he played video games all day and ended up working at Wal-Mart.

Author — Fred RM


So, it's not that the idea is inherently bad, but the students are finding ways to exploit the system and the company does nothing about it. Figures, it's really hard to actually sit down and study by yourself by sheer force of will.

Author — Eric Lecarde


I live in Ohio, and this matter with ECOT has been in the news for quite a while. This video is a good summary, but there's been a lot more crap going on. For example, this "school" also used taxpayer money to pay for TV ads that talk about how the Big Bad State of Ohio is beating up on poor little innocent ECOT. I'm so pissed that some of the taxes that I've been paying to the state have been going to this joke of a "school." A whole lotta other people are pissed off as well.

Author — hamsterama


This video is weirdly cute and satisfying

Author — Blue Moon


It's almost like laws are getting passed by Congress without any actual due diligence because "I care about education" gets more votes than actually doing work....

Author — justin g


One of my professors in college told me that he hated getting online and private school students in his class. He said they always seem to struggle more than public school kids because the schools they went to were focused on making the students happy (to keep enrollment up / keep money following in) rather than actually giving them an education.

Author — Lauren Blahblah


This seems easy enough to prove. Just test the students.

Author — Burton L


besides from the topic... I love those animations

Author — emberchord


The amount of time a student spends in class doesn't matter. What matters is their comprehension of the material. This arbitrary time requirement is bad for students.

Author — Private Account


I went to ECOT in Ohio and they call you literally every day that you're absent- If you don't log in. Unless your parents just simply don't care about your absences then there's no way you're only logging in once every 28 days. I went to ECOT because of my social anxiety and my lack of being able to function in school settings, and it helped me a lot while I still did the same amount if not more work as traditional schooling in less amount of time. Also, most of the papers are downloadable documents, you don't have to be logged in to work on them. These numbers aren't measuring the amount of time students spend working while NOT logged in to the system. I would sometimes spend hours on papers and only THEN log into the class for a few minutes to submit everything and get the documents for the next week. I don't understand all the hate on ECOT, especially from people who simply don't understand how it works and clearly haven't looked into the system enough to see they're doing everything they can to get their students working and logging in.

Author — CelestialWish


waste of taxpayer money. shut this place down...

Author — MWYANT19


I go to an online school and i can finish all my school for a day in under 2 hours. In reality schools are just wasting time and online schools teach much faster all my friends that go to regular schools are in the same grade but seem like they are 2-3 grades behind. by the way the schools have attendance that the computers log them selves and if you don't have an amount the school finds to be normal they will email you. And yes they can and do get you for truancy by the way so please if you do not understand the system don't make videos wrongly explaining the topic.

Author — Jacob Hollis


The sad thing is that this educator has a mentor ... and its still failing .. The system needs a lot of fixes.

Author — Michael Knight


Tip: Just go to school and learn so you can get a good job.

Author — FlaFri


I went to an online school for 3 semesters. I did more work, and only spent about 2 hours a day doing it. They just cut out all of the waste time, which is most of what traditional school is.

Author — ninjalemurdude


So I take college classes online. Psychology for example. It is a 3 credit our class (meaning you attend the class for 3 hours every week if on campus). But, since it's online, it takes me less than 30 min per week to complete all of the work. I am still getting the same education and completing the same work. I'm just not wasting time in a physical class.

Author — Ryan West


Wow you mean a school that takes students that fell out of the conventional system has trouble with truancy? What a surprise.

Author — Michael Tipton