Mercedes AMG V8 ENGINE - PRODUCTION (German Car Factory)

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Mercedes AMG V8 ENGINE - PRODUCTION (German Car Factory) 5

#Mercedes Benz #AMG NEW 2019 - 2020 V8 Engine #Production. AMG V8 engine factory! Engine assembly according to the production philosophy of "one man, one engine".

Mercedes-Benz AMG 63 V8 #Engine Production. Subscribe.

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I saw his smile when he laid his name tag on the engine. :)

Author — Sim Wonseok


I had to give this video a thumbs up simply because it didn't have moron or drama music and a mind numbing asinine commentary.

Author — Sheila Walker


That smile😊 when the engineer attached his name . . .

Author — Puno A M


5:20 maybe the most satisfying thing on this earth

Author — big B


How do you make sure your company always achieve the highest level of its products?
You make them sign it personally the work they made. And omg its amazing that must give the employees the biggest honor to have your name on such a piece of engineering.

Author — Common Sense


Travail méticuleux, exigence perfection, concentration, le résultat est sans appel. ☆☆☆☆☆

Author — Foxtraill Foxtraill


Hats off to AMG which gives due credit to its Engineers! Whole assembly done with eight taps of hammer and noiseless power screw drivers! Less than 60db sound.

Author — NAGESH H


Zen meditation or the art of building a fossil explosion motor.

Author — Detlef Kroll


2:43 "Noch nicht rein setzen..." :-D there was probably the employee a little too fast for the script

Author — gh0ststalker


Professor, JAMMICK STAHL, , Master Builder AMG, , , thanks <3

Author — torres larry


I would like to know who is a supplier of the castings. Somebody know it?

Author — iTu iTam


Parabéns pegar um Bloco em V muntar o motor você e muito bom no que faz bloco feito no Brasil

Author — Jair Bruhmuller


What a beautiful engine and masterpiece

Author — Wayne GTO1


Repensando sobre o que quero ser quando crescer, quero ser um motor montado por técnicos assim, terei tratamento e carinho de primeira, Namastê.

Author — Mario Abreu


this video is better than most ASMR videos i have watched.

Author — shawn jacob


Produção de qualidade parabéns ao primeiro mundo

Author — ADRIANO sousa


Myslel som si prvý pohlad že noví motor do tatry velmo podobné. XD

Author — Boží Vojak


how many engines per day? im curious :)

Author — bla bla


This Video Can Answer Every One Who Say : Why German Cars Are So Expensive ?

Author — BascharHosamAlobied


Do you think that he ever thinks about that he’s creating one of the finest automotive power plants in the world?

Author — Art Tafil