Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros Highlights | World Series Game 7 (2019)

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Washington Nationals vs. Houston Astros Highlights | World Series Game 7 (2019) 5

Game 7 of the World Series. Winner takes all. Max Scherzer vs. Zack Greinke. It doesn't get much better than this.
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Thank you all for the support this season. This was my 2nd year making MLB highlights, and I can't believe where the channel has grown. Can't wait for next season! I have some offseason ideas, and I'll make sure to keep you updated of what to expect. Feel free to leave any suggestions down below!

Author — TrueRGM


The 115th world series: The Fall Classic of Home Field Disadvantage

Author — Laundry Sauce


Every Astro player looked up when they heard the banging sound at 14:57 and thought "why is our guy making banging noises now, we not batting"

Author — Fernando Palencia


I’m a Yankee fan and I keep seeing Minute Maid in my nightmares, so seeing the Nationals go in there and win all 4 games made me so happy

Author — Shawn


I can't believe they took out Grienke. There was no reason to. A pitch count of 80 and he was looking incredible. Sure he gave up a HR and walk, but they were to two of the greatest hitters in the game. A.J hasnt had faith in Grienke all postseason. Their bullpen has been sketchy all postseason and they lost them the game, without a doubt.

Congrats to the Nats, though. You guys earned it.

Author — Luke Carney


Washington you Finally won a World Series!!! Congratulations Nats 2019 champions

Author — It’s Georgie226


Astros really had their chance with Greinke pitching a gem.
Unfortunately for him, AJ decided to go to that thing they call a bullpen LOL
Goes to show that having home field advantage means shit in the playoffs

Author — Brian Chua


Nice to see scherzer get a World Series title unlike verlanders illegitimate title in 2017.

Author — The Bastard


Feel bad for Greinke. He did an outstanding job today. They couldn't score and bullpen blow the game as usual

Author — truong khanh


22:22 the moment Bryce Harper regretted leaving the Nationals

Author — JG32


The nationals are now my third favorite team. The wild card team overcame the cheaters and showed everyone that the Astros are overrated.

Author — Will Schromm


14:50 For all the neutral fans who just love the game. Watch and re-watch and enjoy and bask in the demise of a soulless, dirty team getting their comeuppance.

The Astros could've won it all '80 and again in '86, and deserved better both years. They also deserve to have their 2017 title stripped. And they richly deserved losing this one. It's especially gratifying knowing that Springer's failure to run out his Game 1 double, which should've been a triple, cost them a chance to win that game, and ultimately cost these losers the World Series. Couldn't think of a better bunch to have that hung around their necks.

I've always rooted for Houston. No more. This organization deserves to be a dumpster fire for the next 20 years. If they never make the post-season again, it'll be too soon.

Author — Dan the Man


Thank's trueRGM for the season with the better highlights!

Author — Gabriel Reyes


Glad the Astros lost DIDNT like them before the cheating scandal went and now I dislike em even more now that I know they’re cheating

Author — Jojopuffs


Great game Nats. Great year! I’m a Mets fan but I can appreciate the type of year they had, especially losing your top talent to Free Agency in division. Nice to see a Wild Card team defy the odds. Scherzer and Strasburg were absolutely fantastic. Astros have some interesting decisions next year with their pitching rotation.

Also, Zimmerman winning a ring is awesome. He had to endure a lot of BS years in Washington.

Author — AdamKlestinec


Even though my dodgers didn’t make the World Series, when I saw the nationals win I was SO HAPPY because they beat the cheaters

Author — C U R R E N


Great ending with Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez. They were both on the 2012 World Series Tiger team that got swept by the Giants. Very happy for them.

Author — Desmond McDade


Congratulations nats. Ty for beating the Astros

Author — asia roberson


As a rangers fan, how fitting for the final season of the 2010’s to:
END IN TEXAS (2010 Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and Astros’ Minute Maid Park )
The losing team being the AL representatives AND FROM TEXAS (2010 Rangers and 2019 Astros)
Have it end with a strikeout (2010 Nelly Cruz and 2019 Michael Brantley)
Closing pitcher is obviously a dominant RHP for an underdog team (2010 Giants’ Brian Wilson and 2019 Nationals Daniel Hudson)
And finally, you have the hero with the biggest hit in his career and the turning point of that last game of the series (2010 Edgar Rentería and 2019 Howie Kendrick)
The only difference: Giants vs Rangers was 5 games, Nationals vs Astros* was 7

Author — Kingdarius _lll


those sad faces on those orange cheaters after losing was just a perfect ending in my book.

Author — Yo_itz_andres