The 1st Symptom of a Salt Deficiency

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Look out for this common sign of sodium deficiency!

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0:00 The first symptom of a salt deficiency
1:20 How much salt do you need?
2:07 What to do about low sodium symptoms
2:50 Why sodium supports your energy
4:53 How to bulletproof your immune system (free course!)

In this video, we’re going to talk about the first symptom of a salt deficiency. The first symptom of sodium deficiency is feeling weak or tired.

Fun facts: Salad in Latin means salted greens. Salary in Latin means salt.

You should never consume refined salt. Instead, have organic sea salt. Refined salt only contains sodium chloride—it doesn’t contain the other vital minerals.

One role of sodium in the body is to create hydrochloric acid (HCL) to help digest protein, break down minerals, and kill off pathogens. Many people are low in HCL because they don’t consume enough salt.

The average person needs a minimum of 1 tsp. of sea salt per day. If you exercise or do keto, you will need more than this.

Low sodium diets that have you drinking lots of water can dilute the salt and flush it from your body, leaving you deficient in sodium. Additionally, a high-carb diet can cause you to retain sodium in the wrong places.

If you notice that you feel weak or tired, try increasing your sodium and see if the problems go away.

An electrolyte powder can help replenish your sodium and other electrolytes.

Sodium is crucial for normal energy levels because it…
• Excites the cardiac muscle
• Regulates calcium
• Is involved in the sodium-potassium pump
• Is vital to creating energy in the mitochondria

One last fun fact—sea water is virtually identical to the watery portion of your blood!

In summary, make sure you have enough sodium in your diet by having at least one teaspoon of organic sea salt a day to support healthy energy levels and other low-sodium symptoms.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain the first symptom of a salt deficiency and why low sodium can lower your energy levels. I’ll see you in the next video.

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Can we jus take a moment to appreciate how this Dr doesn't add 60 ads or even 1 ad in his videos? Jus gives free, helpful information, efficiently and effectively in a way where everyone can comprehend. ❤

(I truly needed this video after a week of eliminating all salt, sugar and processed food from my diet. Now I know how to slowly introduce it back in.)

Author — Insert Name Here


I just recently spent 6 weeks feeling so fatigued, rundown and just overall felt horrible. After 4 weeks I finally went to the doctor. She examined me and said "it's just allergies. Pick your favorite allergy medicine and ride it out." I explained to her that I have had allergy and sinus issues since I was young and have never felt like that before due to allergies. I continued to feel horrible and one night I was watching YouTube and ran across a video similar to this that had the majority of my symptoms listed. Low salt. I started using salt and have felt completely new compared to how I had felt for the previous 6 weeks. I'm about to lose hope in doctors.

Author — Truth Seeker


I also went off salt. Got very sick and weak. The lies we have been told is criminal.

Author — Crocheting Around New Zealand - Trish


I have just started adding pink Himalayan salt to my food last week. Immediately my dehydration went away. Also midnight trips to urinate were down 50-60%. Sleep improved unbelievably also. Cant believe the positive changes it made

Author — Chris McDonald


My father in-law ended up nearly dying from salt deficiency. He spent 2 weeks in the hospital to get his salt levels back up - in fact the hospital had a special "salt team" dedicated just to this. We thought he was going to die

Author — Coogan Beggs


Most elderly in my family are afraid of salt, but consume sugar any time in any form and in any amount. 😄

Author — speratum


Dr. Berg. Your information is always invaluable. I recently bought a Kilo bag of Himalayan sea salt from a health store here in my local town. I noticed almost immediately a huge difference in my alertness and tiredness. The lady in the store advised that if I put a half tea spoon twice a day under my tongue and allow it to dissipate in its own time then my body will receive the maximum benefits of the salt. It has proven to be of immense benefit. 👍

Author — Man Of Beard


Honestly doc, refined salt is really amazing too. I just upped my salt intake by A LOT for the reasons you mentioned. Been doing Keto for 3 months now. Was run down all the time with great sleep under my belt. Also quit drinking 5 months ago. Lost 35 lbs since June. Felt great otherwise. My blood test came back all amazing as well. High cholesterol of course but ignored that completely, as i weigh 142 lbs at age 50. I'm not gonna have a heart attack. 😂. Anyway, with more salt, magnesium, and potassium, I now feel great on as little as 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Better than I have since I was 18. Crazy what salt does to the body. I see why it was such a huge deal in the ancient world now. It was literally an ancient PED. LOL

Author — Liam


I had a related incident to this today. I was working hard outside, in the heat and felt super drained after a few hours. I added a spoon of pink salt to my ginger lemon water and immediately felt rejuvenated. I heard the good doctor mention it on another video just a few days ago, and decided to try. So glad I did! As a landscaper, I wish I knew this sooner. I drink about a gallon of water a day because I sweat, heavily. Now it will be salted!

Author — Lisa Singh


I actually had low sodium levels in my blood, I found out after taking a blood test. I had no idea what was going on, as a heathy runner and someone that ate well I couldn't figure out why I had weakness, fainting and major headaches. I added salt to my diet in every meal. With in months I was back to normal.

Author — дом мира


As a child of the 60's, salt was explained as a source of high blood pressure, and sugar was described as a natural flavor enhancer. It wasn't until the mid 90's that research demonstrated that sea salt is good for health. and that sugars are the cause of most arterial related diseases. Most of my generation still haven't caught up.

Author — Earwaxfire909


I remember my grandfather coming in from working in the outdoors on hot summer days and poring salt the size of a dime in the palm of his hand, lick it and then drink water to wash it down. Now that I am older, I do the same, only I use Himalayan pink salt and filtered water.

Author — Matthew F


Thank you, Dr. Berg. I ended up in the ICU a couple of years ago with very low sodium. They were afraid I'd go into a coma and die. I wasn't afraid, I knew I wasn't going to go anywhere. I had nausea and vomiting and was very weak. I was on an IV until my sodium level improved. Now I eat more salt.

Author — Robin R


WOW Dr. Berg, thank God for you! I have been feeling fatigued, weak, headachy, brain foggy, heart palpitations and shortness of breath! I'm on a low salt diet and will now be adding Himalayan Pink salt or Sea salt to my diet, thank you so much, I believe you just saved my life!❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼

Author — Aida F.


I followed Dr. Berg advise and loose 22 kg weight in six months (November 2020 till May 2021). I weight 86kg and my BMI index shows obese. But, now I weight 64 kg and now my BMI index is normal. It feels soo good now and got rid from my other body and psychological problems. Gain lots of health and energy. Thanks Dr. Berg for sharing such important information regarding human health and making people happy 😊😊..

Author — Zaid Alam


I "gave up" salt in 1979 at the urging of my college roommate. (He gave up recreational drugs as his part of the deal.) Shortly after I graduated I developed health problems; specifically what turned out to be migraines, but with nausea so overwhelming the headache that it took a while to diagnose. Eventually they went away. 40 years later (in a recent video) Dr. Berg points out that this can be a side effect of salt deficiency. I needed to know that 4 decades ago.

Author — Just Rusty


Your salt video with Dr. James has a million times improved my physical energy levels!!!! For years I've always felt weak, physically fatigued and my arms/forearms would not have strength, like it would feel like my muscles were just depleted....but for NO reason!
So my body was telling me "salt Jenn" for like 3 days, so I decided to look it up and found your video. After watching it, I've been drinking about 8oz glass of lemon water with sea salt 2x/day now. It's been 5 days, but I literally feel the difference. No more weakness!!! It was busy at work last night and I worked 7 hours straight, no break!! Usually I would "need" to eat or have water, anything to try to feel stronger, and not like I'm gonna pass out. This has literally changed my life so far and I can't be any more grateful!! Thank you!!! ❤

Author — Jenn_Kitty The 3rd


My mother was on a low salt diet, drinking lots of water, taking diuretics and eating high carb. Her sodium levels dropped so low she developed acute psychosis. She was convinced explosives had been planted in our house and many many cops came. She has schizophrenia, so she is predisposed to psychosis, but the psychiatrist who evaluated her (in his 70s) said she had the lowest sodium levels he has ever seen. She was hospitalized for 3 or 4 days and made a full recovery.

Author — Jenny Merriam


In former Yugoslavia, when eating young onions, my grandparents would normally put a good pinch of salt into their plates and before every bite they'd dip it. I occasionally do the same.

Author — Vladimir Olujic


Ended up in urgent care after doing keto, a water fast and giving blood over the same weekend. I actually thought my salt was too high before the fast, and later realized that when I ate salt, it made my heart race so I thought I needed to reduce it. Adding more salt back in to my diet, my heart no longer responded that way and I feel much better in general. I don't care much for salty foods, but it's better than being sick and weak.

Author — Zyzzyva303