iKON - ‘사랑을 했다(LOVE SCENARIO)’ M/V

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iKON - ‘사랑을 했다(LOVE SCENARIO)’ M/V 5

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iKONIC or not, everybody knows this song.

Author — daddyjaehyun:3


i remember, my brother hates kpop everytime im playing a song. but when he heard this song, he really tried to memorize just to sing this HAHAHA

Author — Lisa Oppa


I feel bad for Hanbin like wtf man, he is the reason for this masterpiece.

Author — I will be biased on Red Velvet


The guys in my class who hates kpop literally loves this song ;-;

Author — Sunshine Hoseok


Lets see how many people who are streaming LOVE SCENARIO rn

Author — iJiminedToday


Cant believe that this song is already two years, feels like yesterday.

Author — lalunalila _


guys, keep streaming, almost 400M viewers!!!

Author — Nabila Andriawan


I'm become kpop fan after know this swag boygroup. Only iKON!

Author — Khairunnisa Syifa S


I'm disappointed for those people who knows this song but doesn't know that *iKON IS THE ONE WHO SING IT.*

Like what yunhyeong said: *I'm sad because our song is popular internationally but some didn't know that we're the one who sing it (awkward laugh).*
<i forgot what show was it when he said this>

Author — Chaesoo HJJYJDC


this is the one song I will cherish forever because this is the song the got me into iKon.

Author — hyunbv


YG, do remember that it's Hanbin who brought this song to the world :)

Author — Deborah Elizabeth


im sorry that i only heard this song now, i am 2 yrs late. but it is so catchy that i had it on replay. i accidentally heard it while Jungkook sang it & was captured by a sasaeng. Im also sorry for bringing JK’s name here. Will listen to iKon songs from now on ❤️

Author — Cathy Gayo


So when this song first came out, I didn't like k-pop. Matter of fact I hated k-pop. I remember hearing this song from Fortnite since my siblings played it so I decided to listen to the actual song and I thought, "This song is actually pretty good." Long story short, it was the reason I started liking k-pop and I also spent exactly 286 hours listening to this song.

Author — Joon'sSeaweedDance


If this MV hits 400m and YGE puts OT6 on the poster and not OT7 I'll probably cry

Author — Queen Persephone


My parents hate Kpop, then I played this song on the piano without telling them that it was Kpop and they liked it



Nobody: reach 400M, BI will comeback

Author — Mauxx 131


Unpopular opinion : this song never age;)

Author — rem siama


This song made me a fan of kpop. since i’ve heard of bts i hated everything korean when i heard this song i thought its not that bad but i keep rewatching 10x a day and they are still the only kpop band listen to. But when b.i was taken out of the group it was going to be different and it is but still just listening this song makes me miss him being part of the group but he might return 1 day i feel it.

Author — Josef Santos


Made my 10 year old sister listen to this and know she’s addicted! Her first k-pop music, mission accomplished!!

Author — Joyone 12


You can't hate this song, everyone is addicted to this song.... Don't be afraid to admit it

Author — Blue Blue