How To Protect Matte Paint - Chemical Guys JetSeal Matte on Aston Martin V12 Vantage

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Matte automotive finishes are the latest rage! Whether you have a matte wrap or a matte paint finish on your car, the paint needs to be protected from the elements so that it may look its best.

Chemical Guys JetSeal Matte is the ultimate protection for matte finishes. Simply apply and remove JetSeal Matte like any other car wax, and enjoy up to a full year of protection with just one application!

JetSeal Matte

Meticulous Matte Detailer

Blue Microfiber Applicator Pad

About Jet Seal Matte
Jet Seal Matte is an advanced paint protection sealant designed specifically for matte finishes. Developed using nano-tech polymers, Jet Seal Matte provides up to 12 months of durable protection while creating a brilliant finish. The innovative formula uses UV protection technology that aids in preventing fading and discoloration. Jet Seal Matte is the world’s first sealant and paint protection developed for matte paintwork and vinyl surfaces. Advanced sealant formula helps protect against water spots, contamination and road grime to ensure your vehicle is protected all year. Jet Seal Matte bonds to the surface using nano polymers to create a shield against the elements. The easy to use formula enhances matte finishes by creating a bold appearance that is protected against the elements. Jet Seal Matte creates a protective layer that compliments any matte color. Jet Seal Matte was developed over 4 years using aerospace technology to produce a perfect finish and durable protection. Perfect for matte paintwork, wheels, power coat and vinyl wrapped surfaces. Advanced nano-polymers create a hydrophobic shield against the elements. Experience the durable protection and bold finish of Chemical Guys Jet Seal Matte.

The World's First Protective Sealant Designed for Matte Finishes
Jet Seal Matte is the world’s first protective sealant designed specifically for matte finishes. Matte vehicles require the highest level of protection to prevent stains, fading, and discoloration. Jet Seal Matte uses innovation nano-tech polymers to create a durable shield against the elements. Jet Seal Matte provides up to 12 months of protection for your matte surfaces. The innovative sealant formula protects against water spots, contamination and discoloration while creating a sharp finish. Jet Seal Matte preserves the original appearance of your matte vehicles. Matte surfaces easily become stained and discolored from UV solar rays. Jet Seal Matte utilizes advanced UV protection technology that blocks harmful solar rays. The easy to use formula can be applied by hand or machine to virtually any matte surface. The unique polymers inside Jet Seal Matte enhance the original appearance of your matte vehicle. Protect and maintain your matte finish for up to 12 months with the innovative Jet Seal Matte sealant and paint protection.

More About Jet Seal Matte
Jet Seal Matte provides durable protection and enhanced appearance to any matte vinyl and painted surfaces. The versatile formula protects OEM matte and frost paintwork equipped on many new automobiles. Jet Seal Matte is easy-to-use and can be applied by hand or machine. Simply apply a thin layer of Jet Seal Matte to any clean matte surface. After a 20 minute dry time, simply remove the sealant using a premium microfiber towel to expose a bold matte finish. Jet Seal Matte works great on matte paintwork and matte wheels for versatile application on any vehicle. Protect any matte car, truck, motorcycle, RV and even airplanes for up to 12 months. Protect your matte vehicle using the advanced polymer protection of Chemical Guys Jet Seal Matte. Jet Seal Matte is designed to provide the highest level of protection to any matte vehicle. The advanced nano-tech polymers are formulated to shield and protect matte paintwork and vinyl wrapped surfaces. Jet Seal Matte is enhanced with a new advanced polymer that bond to any matte surface to create a durable layer of solid protection. The protective polymer shield protects against UV solar rays, discoloration, water spots and stains. Jet Seal Matte was developed using aerospace technology for maximum protection. The innovative sealant is designed to perform in the harshest environments. Protect against the intense desert heat and extreme winter cold using the world’s most durable sealant for matte surfaces.

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Hey Chemical Guys,

First off great video. I'm really interested in this product but wanted to ask you just to ease my mind. I recently bought a Triumph Bonneville and had it custom painted to a satin matte black (similar to the Aston Martin in the video) and I'm in the market for a cleaner and protector for the paint job. My question is will this product work for bike to keep the paint job in great condition? I'm sure I already know the answer but just want to security of knowing its recommended.

Thanks again

Author — Justin


To anyone thinking about getting this: Don’t. It left streaks all over my car that were so hard to get out! Read the amazon reviews. If you want good sealant/wax check out Angelwax Luminosity. I’m a huge advocate for CGs other products though. Their matte detailing spray is great!

Author — dendinator


I just purchased the matte kit. I have a few questions...

1) How much Jet Seal Matte should we apply to the surface? A thin coat, or a generous application?

2) When it is time to re-apply, what is the best way to remove the old compound, before re-applying?

(Also, thanks for talking about matte colors on bikes, I own a Ducati, and that is why I'm here. :))

Author — msdss


What if you have matte paint with some gloss paint also? Can you just go over everything with this or do you have to keep it off the gloss parts?

Author — heatherrenea


He should have done a comparison with and without jetseal so we can see the actual difference

Author — ThePrototype1978


My stuff just shipped today cant wait to try on my matte black 72 Nova, these guys were extremely helpful when I contacted them!

Author — Chase Chandler


Hello from India. I am planning to purchase a Royal Enfield classic 350cc motorcycle having a gunmetal grey color which has a matte finish. Is it a good idea to apply jet seal matte as soon as the purchase is done assuming that it will protect the matte grey paint of the bike for a year? Also, is it mandatory to use matte detailer after using the jet sea matte?
And how often should one use these products after an application?

Author — Bhavesh Mali


On my classic mini I have Rose Petals which have a matte black finish. - Will this be up to the abuse brake dust, road tar etc give? 

Author — Noah Robinson


Can't wait to give this a try on my brand new Indian Scout!

Author — Laura Munson


Ive got a satin black wrapped car. Is it normal to see Any rainspots on the car? How Can i avoid them?
With kind regards

Author — Thorben Thomas


Would this work on a toolbox? It's flat black powdercoat

Author — Brandon Sondergeld


This stuff left streaks. I used it on my challenger TA and it left streaks on the matte painted hood. Followed instructions on bottle and by video. Use with caution.

Author — Sean Nedelko


can I use hybrid v7 to remove regular jetseal after applying on gloss paint

Author — shwepserbest


Does this will work on a Black Denim Paint Harley Davidson Iron 883?
I'm having a hard time taking care of it!!
Another question: any product or suggestion for thos light scartches than you can see in sunlight over the paint (those caused by dust, bugs, etc)

Thanks ind advancE!!

Author — Isk


I'd be totally into it if you sent me some to review on my new Black Denim Harley. But hey, just a suggestion.

Author — Revvin the 417


Just got me a harley with black matte. So apply jet seal, let it sit for 20 mins then spray with matte detailer and wipe. Can't wait to try it

Author — Alexis Beltran


Yellow calipers would of looked ten times better

Author — spirit Rx7


For matt that's pretty gloss, but then you say satin, what is it!? 🤪 I'm using military paint on my van and that will be matt, can I use this to protect this tipe of paint?

Author — Gareth Carberry


I don't think u mantioned that u'r using "Jetseal matte" enough times

Author — MrFrnk93


do these apply to matte clear coat finishes? I am thinking of painting with matte clear but I need easy to care finish. Special care is not going to work for me.

Author — Rhett Dopwell