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Vice Guide to Iran 4.5

Over the past weeks and months, Iran has descended into chaos. From the downing of a passenger jet to the assassination of a top general, and now one of the world's largest coronavirus outbreaks, life in the Islamic Republic is facing its toughest challenges since it was founded in 1979.

Just days before all hell broke loose, VICE founder Suroosh Alvi traveled to the country, meeting people from all walks of life: from hipsters to hostage-takers, and from top lawmakers to one of Iran's heaviest metal bands.

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Hats off to vice for listening to the people who want the old Vice format back. Hopefully more of this content and less videos about dildos

Author — Piffle


"We used to drink in public and pray in private. Now we pray in public and drink in private" Damn....

Author — Shun Ching kung


I don't know what the hell happened to Vice in recent years, but it was about time you guys started dropping bomb ass documentaries like these again. Awesome documentary, great job.

Author — Senneeeuh


The fact that this documentary even exists is astounding. Hats off to Vice.

Author — Michael Marker


"do women have enough freedom in Iran?"
Man answers: "yes!"

Author — Super Catman


This is what people mean when they say they miss the “old vice”

Author — Beast


This wasn't a documentary, this was an experience.

Author — The Rebel


25:13 it was heartbreaking to see the upset that the US sanctions have caused this man who's just trying to earn a living. People seem to forget that behind the aggressive Iranian and American governments are real people who are suffering.

Author — Dashing Theroux The Snow


These guys interviewed the ex-head of an organization known for hating the US and rode a small boat into the straight of Hormuz. The absolute BALLS on these journalists, loving the new old Vice

Author — Nick T.


vice: ladies plz tell the west how you are not oppressed like media says
iranian women: the government took my car cuz my shall fell off my head...

Author — Will


When that yacht guy started crying I felt so bad for him

Author — talonmadc


That was awesome! Americans do not hate the Iranian people. Iranians don't hate Americans. But our government's would have us believe otherwise. We are smarter than that!
Thank you vice for this so desperately needed story❤️🌎❤️

Author — Ken Mahoney


Whatever you say but Iranian girls are finee as hell💥

Author — shashank Reddy


Just let him build his yachts wtf

Author — Halil Ganiev


"The Dog is the brother of the Fox" is actually a pretty sick burn for a man put on the spot.

Author — Skubi Snak


I feel like this is an actual resurgency of the old vice, lead by the person who created it.

Author — Ben Brooks


For anyone looking for the song played during the shipbuilder's interview: Smoky Bird by Sanam Marufkhani and Maya Novaa

Author — Shaun


Seeing that man sad over not being able to finish something he worked so hard on made me sad.

Author — SynthFrost


"Do women have enough freedom in Iran"
Guy cuts girl off and says "yes" lol

Author — Sheltered Waffle


"women have a lot of freedom"....
lets not talk about that, we dont want to end up in jail"

Author — The Legacy