Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive?

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Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive? 5
One factor: the world's largest eyewear company, the Italian firm Luxottica, controls a big chunk of the business. Lesley Stahl reports.

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Damn, the Luxottica boss talks like a Bond villain

Автор — Jon Ultime


This guy could bang your wife and convince you it's in your best interest.

Автор — Tone Riggz


One company controls all the eyewear on the planet. They can charge whatever they want. It’s called a monopoly.

Автор — Sage Oldmann


“They understood that life was better together..” dude is a mobster for real.

Автор — C J


This guy is basically an Italian eye wear mobster the "Eye Father"

Автор — MidNight DarkChocolate


Need to fit your face for 15 hours? That's why it's expensive? Shit why doesn't my underwear cost $300 a pair? I wear them longer than my glasses.

Автор — Zesty Lemon Zach


One day Luxottica will even own my eyeballs.

Автор — Suraj Kadbane


I buy rayban @150 $. And now after watching this I feel stupid

Автор — waqas ahmad


This story reminds me of an old Jewish joke.
Q: Why did God create gentiles?
A: Somebody had to pay retail.

Автор — Theodore King


at 10:04 it gave me goosebumps the way he responded
"I understand your theory but they understood that life was better together"
Sounds like a villain :|

Автор — Yong G


Luxotica's CEO speaks like a James Bond vilain

Автор — Stella Resairo


"So what happened with Oakley?"
*In italian accent*

"We made them an offer they couldn't refuse"

Автор — kalymnosalani


I love how the CEO chooses his words and makes the conversation so relaxed and friendly even while he's being attacked.. I want to learn that art, such a rare person is truly a pleasure to meet.

Автор — LaLaLa


She said “thats a no”
😂😂 i kinda like how blunt she is

Автор — Vaultdweller117


Her kind of journalism is a lost art.

She is not afraid to ask tough questions, and I like that

Автор — lovewhispers68


This makes me buy another pair of warby Parker glasses

Автор — Rolando Gomez


"Everything is worth whatever people are willing to pay" This cat is awesome!

Автор — Mike Troy


Luxottica dude will beat any poker player in vegas with that face.

Автор — bim marvin lim


"It is an American brand owned by Italians"

Автор — Unathi Gxarisa


I felt poor af for buying $12 cheap sunglasses at the mall but after seeing this video I feel 100% better.

Автор — Esteban Aguilar