Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive?

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Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive? 4.5

One factor: the world's largest eyewear company, the Italian firm Luxottica, controls a big chunk of the business. Lesley Stahl reports.

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Damn, the Luxottica boss talks like a Bond villain

Author — Jon Ultime


That Italian CEO sounded like the mafia when he was discussing the disagreement with Oakley.

Author — Kevin Honig


Here's the short answer: because people keep buying them.

Author — Doug E


That Italian is trying so hard at not busting out laughing 😂he just wants to say "MONOPOLY AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

Author — BH


How ironic: We're blinded by the eye wear manufacturers.

Author — AgentOrange859


The CEO sounds like some evil genius who could take over the world if he wanted to.

Author — Peter Kolodziej


You know a company is evil when they make Walmart look like the underdog.

Author — Patrick Bateman


With that 600$ you could visit my country, chill for five days, eat buffets everyday and then get the exact same glass with prescription lenses and still you had 100$ left.

Author — Redwan Hossain Shovon


She proved herself bold & beautiful. She put questions with clarity & single-mindedness. Made the public familiar with, how the big companies are looting them.

Author — Aleem Pervez


“It’s an illusion of choice” perfect summary

Author — OperatorNeptune


Her kind of journalism is a lost art.

She is not afraid to ask tough questions, and I like that

Author — lovewhispers68


Somebody: hmmmm should I get these ray bans or Okleys?

Luxotica ceo: hahahahahahhahaha

Author — Harryboi 64


"You bought them." Luxottica- I wouldn't say that, we merged with them. What a scumbag, be honest dude, you bought them out they didn't just decide your company would be a great one to merge with.

Author — Eric


The whole fashion industry is one big rip off. They should cover the handbag

Author — TheRoswellCrash


Its a great interview!! Thank you for the ‘eye-opening’ experience!!

Author — Rose Anna Ainslie


Thanks China for copying and making the price more reasonable.

Author — Kharel Engineering Consultancy And Construction


"Why are glasses so expensive?"

Luxotica: "Branding"

Author — RobotSpider


"They are not too expensive."
Right, and the devil will give you back your soul.

Author — Ometecuhtli


"Why are glasses so expensive?" Because there are silly idiots willing to pay the price : l

Author — Dan Seabreeze


You can bet it doesn't even cost "$30" to make them either. I need to win the lottery and start my own eye-wear company.

Author — Mark Nunya