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Donald Trump's Guide to American History | NowThis 5

President Donald Trump claims to have a high IQ and is among the smartest presidents ever, so let's go through his American history lessons and see how incorrect they are.

In US news and current events today, President Donald J. Trump has claimed to be the smartest, most intelligent president in US history, though his knowledge of the country's past leaves somewhat to be desired. From his defense of Andrew Jackson, complete misunderstanding of the Confederacy and why the Confederate Army was fighting in the Civil War history, and numerous other inaccuracies about world history and U.S. history, this President Trump history lesson will no doubt leave you dumber about the state of history. For President Trump, smart is a state of mind, and while many have cast doubts on the President's intelligence, we'll let this Trump history lesson speak for itself.

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“A lot of people don’t know this” is Trump speak for “I learned this today”.

Автор — Andrew


Trump saying he’s being treated worse than a president who was assassinated is absurd.

Автор — Jack Rockwell


Narrator: “On this episode of Drunk History...”

Автор — Wes Dawson


"Lincoln was a Republican."
*proceeds to berate Lincoln and praise Lee*

Автор — Tadd Hendrickson


His followers don’t know he’s wrong lol. They’re learning history for the first time. We’ve reached the bottom.

Автор — ffhd1clt


“It took over the airports...”
I laughed so hard I spit out my cereal😂

Автор — Ally Mills


President Extra Dumb. He also needs to lay off the drugs.

Автор — Audrey Evans


If American people had learnt history; Trump wouldn't be in the White House.

Автор — Ali Raza


"mom can we get a history teacher?"
"No son we have a history teacher at home"
The history teacher at home:

Автор — masta blasta


Let’s learn history from the most unreliable source.

Автор — Marquise Kirkland


Trump says that he's being treated worse than Lincoln. Does he not know that Lincoln was shot?

Автор — Art Vale


"Ignorant citizens elect ignorant leaders."
**George Carlin**
"An uneducated nation is easy to deceive."
**Che Guevara**

Автор — Rodd Thunderheart


Did Trump go to school? Like, serious question... or is that just the American school system?;)

Автор — Anni Laufeyson


i'm a British 14 year old and even I know more than him about american history . c'mon America

Автор — MangoMan Power


Hands down, he wins at stupidity and ignorance.
His slogan needs to be updated to "Keep America Stupid"

Автор — Sam Huff


This would be hilarious if he wasn't our president.

Автор — Barrett DeCutler


How can the Right continue to defend this person? Mind boggling!

Автор — CLOS


Considering recent events, I would totally understand if the Brits wanted to torch the White House again.

Автор — Chris P. Bacon


Really believing that someone he paid took his SAT for him more than ever.

Автор — Red Velvet Edge Muffin


Literally attack his party’s most prevalent president I can’t even-

Автор — Tuong Anh Phan