We Three - Heaven's Not Too Far (Official Music Video)

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Heaven’s Not Too Far is available now for download. Album drops December 14th.


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Video done by Ty Maier and Carolyn Maier




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I have been addicted to you guys since I first saw you on AGT. Your music touches me every single time I listen. You have my 100% support with everything you do. Tour in NY and I will be there to scream fro you from the crowd! I love you guys. Keep making amazing music!!! <3

Author — ECHO Gaming


Who still repeats this song everyday in 2020

Author — Lloyd Nemasasi


Their mom would be so proud :') They portrayed her beautifully.

Author — Mountain Drew


This song hits alittle closer to home now. My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer on 2/3/21. Hoping it's in the early stage and she can beat it.

Author — Ashley Keown


I just heard this for the first time. My mother raised us and battled cancer three times. Sadly the last took her life. This is a beautiful written song. Brought me to tears.

Author — Courtney Joseph


Never has there been a more deserving golden buzzer act. I was outraged they didn't get it. This song, it's perfectly written, it's relatable, they sound incredible, they took the worst thing in their life and wrote a song that BILLIONS of people can relate too. What a shame. Absolutely breath taking. I sobbed like a baby during their performance.

Author — Dez Ritter


I will never NOT cry watching this. The amount of emotion put into this beautiful song really portrays your love for your mother <3 You guys rock.

Author — Maddy Page


This came out 8 months after I lost my mom. This is one of the most incredible songs that I can listen to and get lost in my own world and think about the memories I have with her. I'll always love and most definitely miss you mom. 💔💜

Author — Kenneth Durham


“I gave you life, now you got to watch it leave my eyes” this hits me hard. Earlier this year my mom unexpectedly passed on the floor in my arms. I was 19. I seen it. I seen it happen. I still struggle with it everyday. I was alone. I’m an only child & my father is not around. It was fast but slow at the same time. I remember nothing of that day but that moment. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But I’m still here. I’m still trying to exist.

Author — Spi


He’s singing, playing the piano, and drumming all at the same time, and I can’t even listen to music while doing my homework without losing my focus

Author — Keigan Garfield


Wow the guy in the back is playing drums singing playing piano can we give him a thumbs up :)

Author — Better With Nate


Canção maravilhosa, toca nossa alma... 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Author — Deyvid Kauan


I thought I was strong. Till I started reading your comments 😭😭😭.
To all who have lost a loved one, nothing but love can fill the void.
Sending all of mine to you.

Author — Breshwall


Still one of the most emotional song ever / 2021

Author — LeonTeubnerMusic


Personally I feel like they should’ve won AGT

Author — Shortle Gaming


"As death rattles my cage, I can hear the voices breath's getting harder, I can hear the tears coming from my daughter"

Probably the single most powerful line I've ever heard in a a song!

Author — Juan Castellanos


It takes a lot of strength to sing this without tears, the lyrics are too deep I cant handle :<

Author — Irish May Constantino


It takes a disfunctional human being to give this extremely powerful and beautiful song a thumbs down.

Author — Juan Castellanos


I’ve always loved this song but it has an even more special meaning now. My mom was diagnosed with brain cancer over a year ago. She went through brain surgery, which could only remove 95% of it (it’s all they could do without causing brain damage, and the tumor is slow growing) and has gone through radiation.

She’s remained so strong throughout this. She’s a fighter. I’m so thankful to have more time with her

Author — InuGirl91


Did anyone notice that Joshua (the oldest brother) is singing backing vocals, playing keyboard and playing drums all at the same time? Bravo! That takes real skill!

Author — Puzzle Peace Gaming