Hampton Court Secrets of Henry VIIIs Palace

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Hampton Court Secrets of Henry VIIIs Palace 4.5
Hampton Court is the ultimate royal pleasure palace, embodying an indulgent and grandiose lifestyle built by Cardinal Thomas Wolsey and furthered by King Henry VIII. Its many rooms chart Henry VIII's decline from fit young warrior to bloated womanizer, and they tell the vivid stories of the ladies who became his queens. Later, King William III and Queen Mary II commissioned Sir Christopher Wren to rebuild Hampton Court, demolishing half of the red brick Tudor palace and replacing it with an exquisite Baroque castle, making Hampton Court one of the most unique palaces in the world. Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace digs beneath the brick and stone to unveil an abundance of art and lore that bring Hampton Court to life.

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"Divorced, Beheaded and died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived, I'm Henry the Eight I had six lovely wives, some might say I ruined their lives" _ Horrible Histories

Author — kit kat


A rainy morning, a cup of tea, some sandwiches and cakes, and this documentary, this is heaven .

Author — Morgan Olfursson


"The king sat and ate his dinner while scores of people watched" - that was the Instagram / YouTube of the time 😄

Author — Maira Bay


Anyone else laughing at the face of the food historian after he takes a bite of that beef tart? 🙁😦😝🤢

Author — pink kitty


I imagine Henry was likely diabetic from all that sugar, sweet wine and white bread, which might explain why his leg ulcer never healed and he felt like crap.

Author — B Mandel


The one thing I love about history is that these people have actually existed.

They are seen like legends. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

Author — Rin Lockhart


I was lucky enough to grow up a few miles from Hampton Court Palace and spent many a summers day playing in the grounds, deer park and the gardens. In those days (late 60s) much of the access to the palace grounds were free and extras like the famous maze cost only pennies for children. I did have one mishap though when our dog Judy a wonderful Beagle Poodle cross decided to dive into The Long Water because it was covered in 'duck weed' and she thought it was solid ground, she became hopelessly entangled and I had to jump in aged 9 to save her, we both returned home drenched and covered in slime, my elder sister dramatised the story and I remember getting a 'thick ear' off my Mum. lol. Great video thanks for posting.

Author — RicTic66


There is no voice better than Samuel West for British documentary. I love to hear it. It is calming in its clarity, very nice.

Author — Lucille Oka


King Henry manifests symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury.

Author — Tessla


Outside these palaces, the rich also shared their food with the poor outside. It was considered ill mannered to eat everything on your table when there were hungry people outside. A huge difference from the French monarchy which is why it lasted longer. So a lot of rich food was shared. The poor would hang around outside the courts and could get jobs attending the horses, or as servants. You can read it Ann Weir's book, Henry VIII.

Author — Charlotte Corday


The painting they're using as Henry VIII when younger is the same used in other documentaries for his older brother, Arthur.

Author — Raiche58


The Pope "REFUSED" the divorce with Catherine, because he was practically a prisoner of the Emperor Charles the Vth, and the Emperor would never allow that divorce.
What is strange is why the hell a man like Wolsey couldn't see that coming...

Author — 2serveand2protect


I'm so glad they didn't pull the whole of Hampton court down. I'm upset at the lose of henry apartment though

Author — cherrytraveller


"The odour from the 300 year old velvet seated lavatory box still hangs in the air". Gaaarrrkkk!!!

Author — stnicholas54


I went her last year for my birthday over Christmas if there’s one place to go before you die it’s here ! Absolutely amazing I can’t explain how magical and fascinating it is !
I Love you Hampton Court 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Author — Rainbow StoryTeller


Safe to say that henry VIII was a Narrisstic chap....

Author — cwb0051


Henry VIII did not divorce Catherine of Aragon or Anne of Cleves, it's a common misconception.

Both marriages were ANNULLED for different reasons.

Author — Gareth Howells


I always listen to documentaries in English because English is not my first language. it is very easy to lose fluidity; two months are enough to lose 30% of the lexicon. Watch, watch, read, read, never give up.

Author — Maria Consuelo


To “Lucy, ” the little blond expert: I don’t think the blue sweater goes with the green dress.

Author — Reverend Saltine


About 19:00 "love at first sight?"  Wasn't Henry dating her sister when Anne B came to court?

Author — Melissa Mazza