E3 2017 Bethesda Game Trailers [ PS4 / Xbox One / PC ]

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E3 2017 Bethesda Game Trailers [ PS4 / Xbox One / PC ] 4
Are you waiting for E3 2017 Bethesda game trailers & gameplay? Presents E3 2017 Bethesda Game Trailers. Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC.
0:00 - Wolfenstein II׃ The New Colossus
6:58 - The Evil Within 2
9:44 - DOOM VFR
10:55 - Dishonored׃ Death of the Outsider (DLC)
12:33 - Quake Champions
14:55 - Fallout 4 VR
16:06 - The Elder Scrolls׃ Legends
17:18 - The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

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god I love reading the comment section it's like a free book

Автор — That Guy


ESO was so disappointing for me.

I never wanted an Elder Scrolls MMO because I personally find MMOs to be extremely boring. When people said they wanted multiplayer in Elder Scrolls I'm pretty sure most of us had co-op in mind. All the elder scrolls games were very good at sinking you into the world, you really felt like you were part of it and effecting it. I'm sorry that I can't get my rocks off doing some stupid fucking quest about killing a giant spider to "save the town" because when I go to get and finally cash in the quest, the fucking quest-giver is surrounded by like 40 other "heroes". MMOs have the distinct ability of making you constantly know you're in an MMO and what you do doesn't actually matter. You can't effect the world in an MMO because it needs to stay the same for the next Joe who walks by.

Автор — Sir Shy


Oh boy can't wait for another remastered or legendary edition of skyrim

Автор — Ayo Mayo


i saw the evil within 2 trailer, saw the thing climbing on the walls, and thought... bioshock?

Автор — MajorLamb


I'm willing to bet that they are working on ES6 and are doing their best to keep it under wraps. Bethesda isn't as leaky as Ubisoft, I doubt there were ever any leaks before Fallout 4 was announced at E3 2015. They probably to got smaller teams working on ESO and ES L. Since it's been about 6 years since Skyrim this next one may be bigger and better and may take quite a while to build. But I'm patient, ill preoccupy myself with my life, work, Battlefront 2, CoD WW2 and AC Origins when they all come out.

Автор — Cory Thompson


Fallout 4 VR, as if it wasn't disappointing enough already

Автор — Alex Kent


It's all cinematic trailers to show case a game... RUN! ITS A TRAP! the game will be nothing like them...

Автор — IceWolve


some one has the balls to put swastika on their game...

Автор — Merce Nuevecincocuatro


figure...ud think with all the ES fans out there.well eventually. plus this trailers don't look all that great. I really want to punch.the the guys saying ESO morrowind makes him feel like he's 14 again. just launch es6 already

Автор — John Knapp


they said everyone said this is what everyones been wanting...whos everyone? cuz we all looking for elder scrolls 6:black marsh or even summerset isle. hell even elswyr sounds good

Автор — john gotti


As for TESO 10 million players my ass. Game always becomes deserted after a few months of each new content release.

Автор — Davorn Urynmar


"Everyone said. that this is what we've been wanting" Hell no. Everyone wants ES 6, not some garbage mmo expansion.

Автор — Nathan Siegel


Dishonored death of the outsider looks good, thank god daud is back, was wondering what happened to him

Автор — Evan Craig


So why does it seem like vr just cannot be made to give fake arms. Invisible arms are so immersion breaking.

Автор — ThoughtsandDreams


That evil woman in Wolfenstien 2 kinda looked like Angela Merkel, except less fat and a better haircut

Автор — Fartasaurus Rex


am I the only one who is planning to play skyrim over and over again. I keep fking my play through and can't get. the tropies. im on my 3rd play through nd to get the heathfire trophies.
after this im gonna go heavy with the mods man.

Автор — NotMineMate


Oh the bad Nazis and the good americans who want to safe the world...such a new IS TESO VI?

Автор — Pankreatitis5000


did anyone else notice the beginning scene with the robot called liesel, was teasing a rideable mount in wolfstein? it shows up again at the end of the wolfstein 2 trailer

Автор — Sky Goddard


10million players in eso? thats an exaggeration

Автор — SuperKinahead


Because nothing makes me feel more immersed than objects floating in front of me

Автор — Nathan