Michael Jordan didn’t diss Steph Curry with HOF comments – Stephen A. | First Take

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Michael Jordan didn’t diss Steph Curry with HOF comments – Stephen A. | First Take 4.5
Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon defend Michael Jordan following MJ’s comments about Stephen Curry not being a Hall of Famer, yet.
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How did this turn into a Lebron convo???🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Author — David Yetbarek


SAS: Obviously MJ is one of my good friends and when i say he's a good friend, I mean I have watched all his highlights and most of his games.

Author — Caleb H


“Obviously I talk to MJ frequently.”

- SAS ( This Guy ) 😂

Author — Mister Pumper


So if Curry retires today
Is he a hall of Famer
Like for yes
Comment why he is not
I ll start the first like

Author — J Jones


SAS: "I talk to MJ frequently"
MJ: SAS? Who that?

Author — Daniel Pagan


Stephen a Smith swears he cool with everybody 😂💯

Author — edwardinho01


Stephen A Smith interrupts
1:19 “Go ahead I’m sorry.” - SA apologizes for interrupting
1:21 Continues to speak over the guest on the show

Author — Jose Arroyo


Nobody :

Stephen A. Smith: “LeBron is like a brother to me “


Stephen A. Smith: “Carmelo is like a little brother to me I just talked to him last week “

“Allen iverson is not one of the top ten guards all time”

Stephen A. Smith: “now max I’m not going to let you diss A.i. Like that he’s like a brother to me I covered him for years in philly...”

His wife: “ Honey don’t forget to record spongebob on the dvr for Stephen A jr.”

Stephen A. Smith: “ son spongebob is like a brother to me arguably one of the baddest brothers to be sketched up”

News headline: “Obama to donate 200k to old high school”

Stephen A. Smith: looks at self in the mirror “Now Stephen A. You know you and Obama go way back he’s like a brother to you”

Author — Riich Tuesday


this sposed to be bout steph and some how turned into the who’s the goat question

Author — J Nolan


Stephen “I talk to MJ all the time” Smith

Author — whiteout69


SAS loves to throw out the fact that he knows MJ 🤣🤣

Author — Levi C.


In my eyes Curry has long passed MJ's playability and stats!

Author — Souls Of Sorrow


"The thing abouy Curry is that, MJ and LeBron are two different mentality and players..."


Author — CloudyB MT


Everyone: It's Basketball Season again!
ESPN: It's Lebron James Season again!

Author — Filmaholics Productions


1:24 SAS “obviously I talk to MJ all the time...” no SAS lol it’s not obvious

Author — Are you Serious


I thought this was a Steph Curry segment

Author — Daryl HARRISON


Stephen A:
"I know MJ, we talk frequently."
"I run across hall of famers all the time."
"I'm close with (insert name)."

Author — Uncle Sam


SAS: I talk to MJ all the time
MJ: I disagree with that and here's why...

Author — Pulling the Strings


Stephen A “Let me be very very clear” Smith

Author — Marvera 24


“You Can’t say anything nice about a player or anything bad about China “

Author — CJ -NYC