Do MORE on your bike! With the Burley Nomad.

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Check out the Burley Nomad :

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I towed my daughter for thousands of miles in a similar trailer, and as I'm always looking to upgrade things, I experimented with different tyres.

In general, wider is better on loose sand but to be honest, loose sand was too hard to ride on anyway. I don't have a fatbike, and 2.2" tyres on my mountain bike were simply too narrow to be of any use on loose sand. In snow, I thought a fat tyre on the trailer would be good but again, if the snow was so deep that this became an issue for the trailer, then the snow was simply too deep to cycle on anyway.

And tyre tread... intuitively you think you want treaded tyres on your trailer when you're off road, in snow, on sand... but really you don't. Ever. The trailer has no drive, has no brakes and tracks exactly wherever the bike pulls. On the road, you can feel the spuddy tread from the trailer when you're pulling it at decent speeds, so my conclusion is that tread is only ever a negative for a trailer.

In the end, I settled on "city" tyres for the trailer - 20" Conti City Jets - as wide as I could find. Set them at a pressure where they'd slightly squish under the weight of my daughter and the shopping (the trailer was big enough for both), and just left them on. After those "thousands" of miles the trailer tyres still looked like new - no real wear at all. Quite amazing really.

The worst thing for me was when my daughter no longer needed the trailer. I miss towing her. Of course I love that she now rides alongside me but having her in the trailer was such a conversation starter with people we encountered. We'd put her inside a little sleeping bag on colder days, and people would spot her sitting in there, her blonde hair poking out from the top of the sleeping bag. If I had a £1 for every person who smiled and said "Ah" at the sight of her curled up in the trailer, fast asleep...

Author — Nigel Marston


I got a flatbed over 20 years ago for my dog. Trailers and bikes go together so well it’s a shame they aren’t more common. They can be incredible smart tools carrying so much stuff it’s crazy. They are great on gas mileage, parking costs and you usually get to park lots closer! Unlike cars, your not really effected by traffic. And there is usually a quiet trail to use besides the street. That trailer allowed me to have incredible times with my pup for almost 15 years. Money VERY well spent. No issues either. Nothing but great things to say about it.

Author — john zee


Love Burley products! They're such excellent quality. I have the Travoy and use it often. Glad to see their other products reviewed.

Author — Wheels on a Bike


I think bike trailers are a great idea. For those just camping and day hiking it might not be suitable but if you are into fishiing, camping, photography, astronomy then a trailer is the way to go. I plan to travel around with my skydiving and base jumping gear and that stuff does not pack small. Great review.

Author — Brian Paton


I'm on my 4th Nomad over the last 7 years. I ride them extremely hard (ebike), and only replace them for cosmetic reasons. Highly recommended.

Author — Lincoln Karim


I've had a Nomad trailer for years, its a good trailer. I put the luggage rack on and its even better now. Water proofed the nylon body with Flex steel spray. and now its water proof. I pull mine behind my recumbent, which has an electric assist motor, the recumbent that is. Its all good.

Author — James Hart


Curious to get your thoughts on using this for bike camping and single track trails. After seeing your Utah video, I'm thinking about doing a Utah trip and this trailer would be perfect for the amount of gear I would want to bring.

Author — Justin Carlson


Great video. OK now I have a dilemma. I want to start using my bike for around the town errands and maybe bikecamping. I was focusing on the Burley Coho XC cargo trailer and now I come across this one. I hate to buy one and miss out on a feature the other provides. Another concern will either or both fit on a Trek Procaliber 8? Oh I also subscribed...



I love mine! We bikejore with 4 huskies and we use the Nomad for quick errands such as; grocery shopping, trips to the farmers market, if we happen to pass an estate sale, well it has room. We also go on longer rides and can pack a lot of picnic gear, med kits, and tools. I can't remember what it was like biking before the Nomad. : )

Author — Lil' Bug Bites


This is such a great trailer, used it for about 4-5 years a couple of times a week for trash (lol), heavy grocery shopping and other times i would used a car for bringing stuff. It's a lott more day to day basis than i thought from the beginning. Also used it for camping and bringing all my kitesurfing equipment to the beach and strap the board on top. I have probably overloaded it many times. I like that its so lightweight and easy to fold for compact and little space in the car. I recommend cutting out a piece from a cheap sleeping pad to protect the bottom and make it a bit more sturdy. I dont think the extra wheels are needed and have used the standard wheels on narrow rooty trails without any problems, never had a puncture.

Author — manskligafaktorn


Great informative video thanks for posting are the rims the same size ?could you put fat tyres onto the existing rims ? Many thanks again bren new subscriber

Author — Benson 5


My wife would love for me to get one and take the cats with us on our weekend Bay Trail rides! Also, dude your camera work is so on point!

Author — Bob Tilton


Hey, nice video. How well does it handle turning? Does it limit right hand turns? Thanks.

Author — Jeff Stinchcomb


I just finished building my own version of the Burley Travoy somewhat larger mind you (obviously home made, wood, 20 inch wheels lol, it is what I had). My wheels aren't those awesome wide wheels like your 16 inch wheels, but I do have quick connect. I wanted both a bike trailer and a cart I could take into stores, partially so I don't have to leave it outside, especially with stuff in it. I find stores are ok with my odd looking cart as it looks more like a cart than bike trailer. Most stores don't allow bike trailers, unless a child is in it. Had the shopping cart version of it a long time and love it, way easier to push/pull that those cheap carts, especially in snow. Nothing like an all terrain shopping cart. Finally got around to adding the mount for the bike trailer hitch arm. Plan to eventually use it as wheels for a canoe or kayak.

Author — BrianJS


Schwinn has a better one because all four sides are the same height and it can fit an 8 pack of paper towels, close the top cover with room to spare. I painted mine with Flex-Seal, as it wasn't water-proof.

Author — Markus Patients


I use my "Surly (LHT) and Burley" all the time. The trailer makes my bike (ec)centric life style much more practical. I can do so much more with a trailer!

Author — Robert Underdunk Terwilliger


Great video thanks. Does it work with thru bolts?

Author — Chris Wells


GREAT video --THANK YOU. Had been searching ov3r and over to find one to just discover yours and finally buying.

Author — J.


Nice cart! Good review! I like your matching helmet. What brand and model is this?

Author — Steven Kolb


I got both the Burley nomad and the Bob Ibex.I love trailers for reasons of my own.The Bob Ibex behind a bicycle is the way to go...The Burley I use behind my Ice Adventure 2 Recumbent trike.Trailers are just soooo open the bag or the trailer and can see where everything is.I use two paniers on my front wheel of my touring bike as well.I have done touring with trailers of roughly 25 000km.

Author — Redant