Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 - 2050

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Top 5 Future Technology Inventions | 2019 - 2050 4.5
These are top 5 future technology inventions and creations which are expected to be available in between 2019 to 2050.
These are the next generation inventions.The future gadgets are of new era.They are amazing than ever.Have a look at these awesome future technologies.The top five upcoming future inventions are:
5.Cicret Bracelet
4.I Watch
3.Wall-Format Display Glass
2.Smart CARD
1.Smart Newspaper
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When I will be old, kids will make fun of me that I still use a smartphone lol

Author — 2900405


The next and last step in mankind's evolution is to learn the truth of life. It does not matter how much we progress materially, changing the world does not change us. People now are still animals and are more detached from reality than ever before. Don't get me wrong, technology is great but people are living blind to the truth and it will lead to certain disaster. This is truth you can and should check for yourself, this is truth the evidence suggests. Google *_Truth Contest_* and read the top entry called "The Present" Called The Present. Nothing could be more important or more worthwhile.

Author — Tao Ming


I'm sorry to tell you, but these are all the same invention, you just show it being used for different things.

Author — The Mysterious Gravity Falls Person


Top 5 New Ways to make people lazy | 2019 - 2050

Author — armynso


3 years from now....Playin' Geomatry dash in the tub :3

Author — My bones are crumbling


this music is real strange and makes me feel uncomfi(first song

Author — Flo


this is freakin amazing star trek and beyond

Author — harold f


Smart newspaper, so you buy the entire thing and they just update it everyday?

Author — SoletheUnboxer


Make a list called Future things you can buy/pre-order now.
Circet bracelet
Lazer keyboard

Author — Borislav Gridnev


the people will feel comfort with the future

Author — Muhammad Saeed


Now that's what I call moving forward in the future

Author — Jabbar Muhammad


Smart newspaper juz be like papers in Harry Potter. Love that magic

Author — Enna Hoo Hoo


5 versions of 2D screens? that the best tech? lol. How about AI? nanotech? Biotech? space exploration?

Author — Lennon Richardson


All of this will happen but maybe not so soon as we wish

Author — dagggeN


First giant step : VR
Second step : Magic leap (augmented reality displays)
Third : Nanotechnology
Fourth : Artificial intelligence and quantum computing
Fifth : Technological singularity

Kardashev ladder from 0 to 1

Author — Dédé


What about Microsoft Hololens 2 it will release somewhere in year2019 it is actually very beautiful

Author — Mona Essa


And what I find dumb is that when they typed 2019 to 2050 AD don't u understand what AD means AD stands for Anno Domini which if u don't know Anno Domini stands for the Latin phrase "in the year of our Lord"

Author — I’M A GOD


1970: I bet people will eat Tide pods and make memes about a fat rabbit in the future.

Author — Nathan Aldana


I actually a dream about the cicret braclet before this video came out but in my dream it was a lot longer and it wouldn't show up on your arm it would be hovering above your arm

Author — Cheesy


Instant translation of languages would be one of the most useful inventions ever.. like Babel Fish!

Author — Ma St