Natalie MacMaster and her kids, 2013 Dublin Irish Festival

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Natalie MacMaster and her kids, 2013 Dublin Irish Festival 4.5

Natalie MacMaster with her 4 oldest children (ages 7, 6, 4 and 2) at the Dublin Irish Festival, August 4, 2013. What an amazingly talented family! I guarantee that by the end you will have a huge smile on your face. And maybe even a tear in your eye....

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Brought tears to my eyes.
What a Lovely family.

Author — John Court


Magic Natalie - just pure magic. That I could achieve a fraction of what you have accomplished in life. . The Irishman.

Author — Max Modine


What an amazing, talented musical family ! From the very young, this is simply amazing and awesome !

Author — James Genge


Thank God, people exist like this to lift the spirits.

Author — MegaBrianBoru


Omg, thats the cutest performance i ve ever seen in my life!

Author — PP Nainggolan


Un grand bravo pour c'est quatre enfants pleins de talents 🎻🎻

Author — David Lelogeais


Just great - all are enjoying themselves - it's contagious!!

Author — jacobsgranddaughter


Love the boy standing with his hands in his pockets. LOL

Author — easy street


Wow, wow, wow, had the "goosies" the whole time. Amazing family talent! :-)

Author — Nance B


Bloody microphones were perfect where the experts put them! Good job though!

Author — dunruden


WOW, This was so incredibly beautiful to watch. You are indeed talented and now your children will no doubt make you prour.

Tena Cameron De Silva

Author — Tena Diamond


Love, love love this! family values and a great Cape Breton role model. A joy to watch. Brought many smiles to my face! All the best to you and your family! xo

Author — Susan Spellman Cann


Wow, that was great, thanks for sharing that! Natalie was always my favorite when I was taking lessons from Graham and Eleanor Townsend many years ago in Barrie, Ontario. Met her once when she played at the college. Tell her we all say hi and glad to see her performing again, and with family is even better!

Author — Captain Rick Moore


oh my gosh, they just kept coming, she was popping them out like those Russian dolls! I was really surprised when the little guy loosened up and let loose dancing up a storm. then they kept coming and getting littler and littler. What a talented family, and so cute. She must be a very proud Mama.

Author — susan Cousineau


watching this has made me so happy today, on many different levels.

Author — Walt Fillier


I remember watching Natalie in concert at Clarendon dock in Belfast a long time ago, she was supposed to be the second act but stole the whole night, absolutely amazing musician, the main band that night were called lunasa but Natalie blew them out the water like a torpedo

Author — Robbie Phillips


Love this !!!
The MyDetoritAddress Team

Author — MyDetroitAddress


Always loved Natalie now I love her & her family too ;)

Author — Doug Vail


Well done to mum and her amazing talented children.

Author — Peter Franzen


Oh my goodness, that's the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

Author — Victoria Comeau