David Rosenberg: A number of U.S. data flashing warning signs

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David Rosenberg: A number of U.S. data flashing warning signs 4.5

The global economic outlook is dimming, with a number of indicators pointing to rocky times ahead. For more on this and why he thinks a number of U.S. economic datapoints are flashing warning signs, BNN Bloomberg spoke with David Rosenberg, chief economist and strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates.

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This man knows what he’s talking about. Imagine what the stock market would look like if central banks weren’t buying their countries bonds, and if companies like Apple weren’t repurchasing all their shares.

Author — Heaven Seeker


Central banks are terrified of a recession as household debt is far too high

Author — fraser Samuel


If inflation was measured the same way it was back in the 80's everyone would realize we have been in an ongoing recession since the GFC.

Author — John Grear


Conjecture: What the US economy needs is a big problem to solve that would start capital moving, would employ people, and get people spending. If only we had a really big problem we just have to solve. Hey. How about decarbonizing our economy? Could it be that our running away from this problem out of fear it would harm our economy has actually been retarding our economy into a state of stagnation?

Author — Charles Ashurst


In the 1980s the GDP calculation was done differently. 1.5% in the 1980s is probably like MINUS 2 percent today if we used the same calculations today.

Author — johnny generic


I'm barbelling this - long gold and playing the short side with put options on overpriced stocks like Netflix and Lyft. Even Proctor & Gamble is grotesquely overpriced.

Author — ItsFazsha


Sure buddy. You can have a recession that effects the deplorables and real jobs but with zero interest rates and the fed pumping liquidity into the markets it will see the markets continue its upward trend even when the real economy stalls.
Socialism for the rich at work again.
Reward the debtor and punish the savers.

Author — Michael nunya


Priority for Alberta is to leave subsidize Canada.Canadian debt is sky rocketing 700 billion dollars and counting. That is 900 dollars per second interest!!!!

Author — Captain Carter


When everyone is jumping ship and pivoting, Rosenberg holds true to his conviction.

Author — Keeping it Real


Wow honesty on mainstream media. Shocking

Author — James


This is the greatest economy in history. If all your currency is a paper derivative. You don't even have a prayer.

Author — Michael McDonald


Here is the problem there is no life time jobs even in the public sector and trade unions it is contract work, credit card debt is an issue and manufacturing jobs are being outsourced it is now a tech workforce and those that are trained or who are willing to adapt will go forward and skilled trades are still essential

Author — The Shawn Murphy Journal


Fake news. Economy is booming all around. Big trade deals recently signed.

Author — Adrian P.


David is on the money ... it is just a matter of time and meanwhile we wait for the black swan ... covid 19

Author — David Wolf


Gdp is weird. Gdp is higher if more women work outside the home and pay someone else to watch their kids. That means higher gdp could be a negative indicator of overall societal wellbeing.

Author — Liberty Springs


Why doe I always seem to have sound issue when I try to watch BNN Bloomberg on Youtube? Its F'n annoying. Going to BNN to watch it...

Author — Colin Waterman


Fake 1 1/2% growth driven by printed money, debt... Real income is in decline... There is no real growth... Fake news, public, corporation, consumer is increasing... Where is the Note his comment at the 5:40 timeline....

Author — Andre Thorpe


What you say makes sense. BUT, there is NO sense whatsoever in any markets World wide. So don't be disappointed when you're proved wrong like so many others.

Author — Mike OZ


We are growing and with a great leader we have here in the United States jobs and a good economy.We heard since if we vote Trump there would be a depression.With him at our helm we'll be fine.We are sick of you whiny liars

Author — Diana Garcia


Rents did go down intge Recession of 08 !!!!

Author — Herb Levin