Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch Midi Controller Overview, Traktor

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  • ℹ️ Published 14 years ago

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I'd like to ask you 2 questions, as i'm using and external mixer the eq mode of the 3d is useless to me so is it possible to map it to browser mode on Traktor pro?And second on traktor pro am i able to control both the fx pannels with this controller (4 effects at total) with to have to use the mouse or the keyboard at all?

Author — Sole


There is software that ships with it that translates the MIDI from the SCS.3D. That's all that's required - just a USB connection to the computer.

Author — agiprodj


I have Traktor Finalscratch will that work with it?

Author — Mike Matteson


Staton SCS 3D dose not work on Traktor Pro 2.

Author — Chris Garner