Here's Your Complete Expert Guide To Picking The Perfect Hitch To Tow Anything and Everything!

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great guide for beginners and even experienced drivers.
That is why, while living in Poland, I have been watching your films for years.

Author — Jakub Olaf Strumiłło - Headshot Poznań


So speaking of leverage, that Gen-Y Boss sure looks like it adds a ton of leverage, ESPECIALLY with that weight distribution attachment on there. When I was looking into new hitches that reason exactly is why I went with a B&W Tow and Stow. Keeps the load nice and close to the vehicle with hardly any slop.

Author — Kit Cloudkicker


Great, informative video. Another video idea would be how to tow safely. So many people out there don't have a clue what they can tow and how to tow it. One particular example is if you are towing a vehicle on an equipment/car hauler and how to properly distribute the weight on the trailer. It would also be beneficial to know what to do in an emergency situations and how to use a trailer brake controller to get a trailer under control. Call it towing for beginners. I have learned much of this over the years by watching TFL, but it would be nice to have it in one video. Keep up the great content.

Author — Dave Fjeldsted


Great video. I’d love to see something on sway control, especially with regard to Gen Y products.

Author — Glenn Watts


Love the video, very informative. Please do a part 2, going over 5th wheel and gooseneck. I would love to know some of those differences too.

Author — DJ Underwood


Nice video, I got a 3 ball set up with a tow hook welded onto it. Perfect for anything I need.

Author — TRHenry Vlogs


Good informative video.
Now the 3 major downsides of the gen-y
1. They are built like a Brick outhouse and reduce payload by approximately 100lbs.
2. On a HD truck with a 2.5-3" shank receiver draw bar you're then reducing it back to a 2" shank again for ball draw bar.
3. Almost triple the price of comparable weighsafe, or B&W.

Author — coover bennett


Great simple towing video and as an owner of a Gladiator Rubicon and using a Gen-Y hitch, I can attest it does smooth out the ride.

Author — Edward Berger


I own two hitches. A Weigh Safe drop hitch and an Equal-i-zer weight distribution hitch. I love them both.

Author — Todd S


I needed this information, there’s so many options out there. It’s good to get the info I needed from a trusted source like you guys

Author — sean peterson


Great video Andrea! Don't worry about going too long. I could listen to you go on and on about hitches for hours. Stay safe and keep up the excellent work. 👍

Author — Dan Johnson


Thx TFLT for the informative video but I must have missed Roman or Andre tell US to always follow our vehicle manufacturer's vehicle specific recommendations for towing. Can't wait for the Big Boys tow guide. Stay safe and healthy.

Author — Bill Dennis


Great info. I would like to see you guys test the Pro Pride 3P hitch. I purchased one a few months ago. 30 years of towing and it's the smoothest tow I have ever felt. Wind, large trucks, uneven load, etc is no issue. Tow vehicle is a 2019 F250 6.7.

Author — BK S


Thanks again Andre..some pretty solid hitches.. Nice products for guys who tow full time with their trucks

Author — Ron Smith


Andre is the best TFL host! Another excellent and informative video. Thank you

Author — Ray Pabs


Great info as always, thanks! Now I just need a fifth wheel hitch version of this video!

Author — Blakehx


Awesome video! I want to get the gen y glide but I tow a boat regularly in fresh water and I'm not sure if the torsion or "rubber bands" will start to degrade and crack from the fresh water.

Author — Ryan


I thought you were about to throw a pair of the truck nuts on at the end when you were going to show the accessory you forgot :P. Great video and information as always!!

Author — Ryhno 411


Always interesting, informative and entertaining. Always a thumbs up video 👍

Author — J. G.


Andre, you should ask the manufacturers what their thought is on flipping the hitch into the rise position.

Author — SVT 2801