Top 10 Amazing People With Real Super Powers

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Welcome to Top10Archive! We've all had those dreams, the thought of what it would be like to have super powers. Well, for these select individuals around the world, it's more than just a dream. From super strength to inhuman perception, we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Humans With Real Super Powers! Oh yeah, we've given these individuals our own monikers - let us know in the comment section what you think their super-hero names should be!

10. Stephen Wiltshire - "Shutter"
9. Miroslaw Magola - "Magnetix"
8. Dean Karnazes - "Marathon Man"
7. Liam Hoekstra - "Herculad"
6. Daniel Tammet - "Brain Wave"
5. Slavisa Pajkic - "Current"
4. Tori Allen - "Monkey Girl"
3. Isao Machii - "Ronan"
2. Scott Flansburg's - "Calcula-TOR!"
1. Stig Severinsen - "Gill"

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One of my superpowers is that i can piss off many people without even knowing it.

Author — korohone


My wife has super powers! She knows everything.

Author — Jeff G7brj


*"I'd like to talk to you about The Avengers Initiative."*

Author — Kai Xun


My superpower is commenting 2, 5 years too late.

Author — Carlos Eduardo Mejia


Anyone can have some power, if they just knew how to use it, and/or knew what their power was.

Author — Joonatan Lehtonen


yeah where is Bruce Lee he is like one of the best

Author — neil e


I can see souls in seconds...light, slowly dying embers or replaced pure darkness.

Author — Grow Giantess


No.2: I can calculate faster than calculator

every asian kid: hold my pacifier

Author — AGC


some people think they are freaks but the are very special people with amazing gift's

Author — Pam Jenkins


i think m a superhuman too...
i can sleep for 20hours a day.. :p

Author — Anak sinha


Could you imagine all of these guys VS the averagers 😅

Author — Choyn


I can shoot gasses out of my body that turn into fire with a lighter. Is that superhuman?

Author — Detox Gaming


if i could lift a whole couch with one hand is that a power like super strength.

Author — Beat master


gets up forest hump style wow I just watched it

Author — alex


I have a power

I have a power of knowing my teacher will give me homework

Author — Aaron Ramadhan


The number 5 his name must electric man

Author — Joel Valencia


I wonder why Magneto hasn't consented to a controlled scientific test yet? I'm sure James Randi would still pay him the 10, 000$. Quack.

Author — pocket83


Okay, that one where the guy can literally store and emit electricity? Literally the closest thing to an actual superhero that I've ever heard of. The implications of that are astonishingly vast.

Author — baseballrunner76


The abilities I'd die to have?

The 1st one and the "mind wave" one... I need that in my life...

Author — SeleneKlare Lee


I'm spider girl I can climb any thing!

Author — LaUrA pOtTs