The Ukraine Russia Conflict Explained

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The Ukraine Russia Conflict Explained 2.5
The Ukraine Russia conflict has been going on for months, but how did we get here? AJ+ gives you a quick cheat sheet on everything you need to know to understand the latest news, from the November Euromaidan protests to Crimea to the pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine.

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Why are you smiling while your talking about people dying?

Author — Seagull_Gem


I love (not really) how you didn't mention how the United States has been toppling regimes in Eastern Europe since the end of WWII, leaving Russia completely isolated.

Author — GamerDudester


sorry but all this info is biased and a lot a lot of info is missing, and misleading.

Author — ozzFensen


one sided story, don't do videos if u can't cover the whole picture!

Author — Stewie Griffin


i instantly knew this channel sucks when i saw that serbia is still merged with montenegro but kosovo is separated

Author — Mark


Russia intervention in Ukraine is "oppression" and an "invasion", when the US and NATO does it its "police actions" or "spreading democracy"

Author — KH 121


How to see the truth if you have a brain. Two facts: 1. USA rejected the legitimacy of the Crimean vote way before it actually happened, it did not try to send its own (or international observers) there. 2. If Crimean population did not support Russia, USA with their intelligence and spying agencies would know that and try to get international observers in to make it a fair election (since the result would suit their needs).
Add one plus one and what do you get? Thats right USA obviously knew that overwhelming majority of Crimean population support Russia and therefore they didnt even try to make the elections fair since fair and democratic result was not in their political interest, democracy is only good when it suits US geopolitical doctrine.

Author — Ed Edward


What an oversimplification 1:09. If all of southern and eastern Ukraine is so pro-Russian why then has the conflict been limited to sections of Donbas? The rest of eastern and southern Ukraine prefers to stay where they are and are not interested in separatism.

Author — Pavlo Ivanchenko


And remember kids, "The International Community" is only an international community to those who obey the imperial powers and the community is only the government ministers of those countries not the silly, silly people!

Author — Emanda Losvek


As long as I know, Yanukovich did not give a permission to open fire on "peaceful" demonstrators...

Author — kirill climin


She made it sound like Russia annexed Crimea AFTER Poroshenko was elected in, which isn't true, right?

Author — Jake Hansen


RadioSvoboda... do you know it is financed by the CIA?
Red and Black flag... looks like the falg of Bandera and Pravt Sektor...
The Russian invasion of Crimea... do you know an agreement between Russia and Ukraine gives Russia the duty to protect Crimea by keeping troops in there, but there is a limit of 25.000 troops. You know what? The limit has not been exceeded.

These are just some of the infos western media miss to say...

Author — Michele Miša Mauri


Just as a reminder, AJ+ is a daughter of Al Jazeera, the probably most biased news network besides cnn.

Author — Dirty Harry


This is definitely not the version  heard elsewhere!

Author — Cosmic Claire


Now this is how propaganda should be done.  A sweet little twink from college, not a crusty old fart from MSNBC.

Author — James Weiss


Putin is not less a dictator than people behind the US goverment, the only one difference is that one are in the shadows and Putin not. I wonder why don't you expose how goverments in Mexico are put by the USA and how they've been stealing this country for years?

Author — Mikael Ambrocio


the civil war in ukrain will exspend in to a full scale war just like happend in libia avganistan end kerbala

Author — viktor borisov


Still no proof that the rebels shot anything down and why does the Ukrainian government still refuse to release the air traffic controller recordings?

Author — MsJustwatchme


well, ur cheat sheet wouldn´t pass any histroy test

Author — leck mich


Same as the cuba missiles crisis ukraine was applying to.become a nato member. If that happens that is a very provocative action by the west they can put missile in russian border and they provoked russia.

Author — christian crawford