Coronavirus: Italian city’s warning to the rest of the world

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Coronavirus: Italian city’s warning to the rest of the world 5

Bergamo’s streets are empty as it deals with a devastating number of coronavirus-related deaths – and residents have a warning for others.

It is the worst-hit city in Italy, the country currently struggling the most with the coronavirus crisis.

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Italy is begging other countries to lockdown in early stage, if it is late, country will pay the price

Автор — mohan s


We are right now living one of the saddest parts of future history

Автор — hitesh vikani


Feeling bad for Italy... Rip to all those who lost their lives fighting this virus. 😞



It is really disheartening to see such a devastating scenario, never in my life I had thought I will see this day.

Автор — Vishal Choudhury


American college students: "But what about spring break!?"

Автор — bouytt guyt


We invested money on Aircrafts, cars, bombs, drones etc we forgot about our health we didn't invest on health. That's why we r on this situation right now.

Автор — Baloch Balochistan


We are fighting two Pandemics at the moment :
Why countries are so late to impose a lockdown, why they are not learning from the situation in Italy. Its beyond my understanding.

Автор — Amit Sharma


I'm in the USA! I have a feeling it's going to hit us harder than we thought it would...
People are not staying inside anywhere...

Автор — Mike Kollin Conscious Power


Meny thing teaching us covid 19... the world is now start to learn how to live and how to be being human..

Автор — mu sanoj malayalam


Its crazy how the smallest being is the biggest enemy

Автор — zuygj bnsv


It’s weird that this virus will be written in history for 2020.

Автор — Adventurer Ali


Deepest condolences and God bless all - South Africa officially in Lockdown today at midnight <3

Автор — Anthea Philander


Such a beautiful place with beautiful people but unfortunately full of sadness and despair right now. God bless them all and keep them safe x

Автор — Kuldip Mason


I was living in Italy uptill 2015....they were most loving and compassionate ppl...every day I pray for all the friends there....feel so helpless to help

Автор — Ufaq Kazen


So beautiful city... So sad😥
It seems like Italy took the first blow after china and saved the lives of people of other countries... Salute Italy 🇮🇹 from india 🇮🇳

Автор — V B


The US will be the worst soon because a lot of people just don't understand it.

Автор — Chris Noren


If only China inform us, as early as December 2019... we could have SAVED million of people who died😕

Автор — rADORED MAE19


Sending love to all Italians from New Zealand 🇳🇿 🇮🇹 we stand side by side

Автор — Gray Franklin


Everytime I'm watching documentary like this i can't hold my tears from falling, i can't Imagine the agony of all the people around the world. Their prayers, asking for help and begging for mercy 💔😭

Автор — Vic Ragas


India has done a very good thing by doing lockdown in early stages...still few people making mistakes but very good response from majority indians...come on india lets do it together

Автор — Mj VS