Papo & Mojo Dinosaurs in Stores

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

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It's almost eerie how real they time. I would say...

Author — Victor Reginald


yeah man. JC is really awesome at making them reviews.  I'd suggest picking up the T-Rex at least.  30 bucks is kind of a lot for a Dinosaur toy BUT Papo's dinosaurs have GREAT detail for less then most other models like Rebor and Sideshow (or kits you have to paint yourself).  So I guess it's acceptable for what it is.   I LOVE my Papo T-Rex.    :)

Author — MrMomobot


It's weird how they only sell the spino and rex at hobby lobby now. The raptor and allo aren't there anymore.

Author — Jorbinkles


I went to my hobby lobby today to pick some up because of this video. I got a trex, spino, and a raptor. Which is all the papo ones they had. Their was no Allosaurus. They are expensive though. But if you don't want to wait for shipping its the only place to buy them.

I live in the Detroit metro area in Michigan encase anyone was wondering.

Author — GenericNameHERE


the brown standing t-rex, the green running t-rex, the allosaurus and the spinosaurus are the best IMO

Author — internecivus raptus the xenomorph


I remember watching this when i was 7 😭😭😭

Author — Daily Dino


I got my Papo Rex at Toysrus for 6.99 and another on Ebay for 20.00
Hobby Lobby is alot, and when you look at the figures from them, like the rex heads, the paint had rubbed off on all of them, even from seeing your video, i can tell the paint rubbed off their. they do not take care of these for sure.

Author — The Chosen Ones


Papo® is more the coolest toys than mOjO®

Author — Gojifan Ison


can u do a video of showing all the models on the shelf

Author — Roderick Tom


My stores only have cheap and inaccurate plastic molds

Author — Stegotyranno 420


I went to hobby lobby and saw those same Dino's

Author — Dylan Ring Productions


Good for you the Hobby Lobby in my area sells the crappy bootlegs.

Author — 4Kaiju


You better have bought that T-Rex, or so help me

Author — Bully Maguire


29.99!! wow a bit more than i wold pay

Author — SETSUNA senpai


What happened to the other video you did in hobby lobby? It says you removed it.

Author — davesino


There is a hobby lobby close by in Orem.

Author — htfamily


I like the spinosaurus because it's my favourite dinosaur

Author — Jake


I think Matthew Brando was at this same hobby lobby

Author — Philadelphia Spiderman


I guess I have an exclusive papo t-rex. Mine is green and is in a running position

Author — CallaLily


This is my Hobby Lobby the same shit is still there i went yesterday.

Author — DrDisco